A traveler will eventually encounter the “50 Mile rule” throughout conversations through recruiters or other travelers.

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The ascendancy is often debated as an welcomed law that traveling and also defended with evangelistic zeal on society networking sites. No matter exactly how times that is refuted, the dominance emerges in an additional conversation choose a marathon game of Whac-A-Mole.

Let’s start with the facts:


Ahhh, that feels better… now that we have actually released ours frustrations, let’s explain the beginnings of this myth.

The 50 Mile Myth and the 50 Mile Reality

Myth: as the myth goes, if you live more than 50 miles far from the assignment, you space entitled to, standard for, or guarantee a special federal government subsidy because that lodging that is completely totally free of taxes. What a deal! If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Reality: Tax complimentary reimbursements because that lodging are only allowed when one is traveling away from your tax home (not their long-term residence). The street traveled have to require the employee to get rest and sleep at the assignment ar to accomplish their duties at the facility. There is no usage benchmark because that this. The is a simple overnight remain test.

Apply a little bit of logic here: why must one obtain tax free lodging allowances there is no incurring lodging expenses?

Agency usage of the ’50 mile Rule’

Unfortunately, a many agencies have this 50 mile verbiage in their contracts, tax home statements and also marketing. Some recruiters are taught this as an IRS rule and also insist that travelers use an alternate resolve on their taxes home develops to qualify because that the provisions. The no wonder that there are much more than 20 agencies gift audited and also for some of them, the 50 mile myth is part of the problem.

50 mile rules are good internal screening tools for the agency to test the validity that the information that a traveler provides. However, it is no the litmus test to identify eligibility because that tax cost-free lodging allowances. Also if a traveler prefers to journey 80 miles each method to work-related and earlier each shift, they execute not qualify because that tax complimentary lodging allowances. Why? There space no lodging expenses to reimburse.

Some framework that usage travelers or every diem employee incorporate a 50 mile border for the professionals that the organ submit for positions or shifts.

This is attempt to keep present employees indigenous jumping ship and also working v the firm for premium pay. Part facilities have a longer distance necessity of 75 or also 100 miles because of geographical nuances of the area the they serve. This facility rule is often puzzled with the superordinary 50 mile IRS rule by recruiters and also travelers alike.

There are just two places where over there is a 50 Mile rule in the taxes laws.

First, §162(h) the the inner Revenue Code enables state legislators to get a per diem as soon as traveling more than 50 miles for legislative business. They are not required to incur lodging prices for the payment.

Furthermore, the 2nd 50 mile rule uses to moving cost deductions. A taxpayer have the right to deduct moving expenses when lock permanently relocate their residence 50 mile plus their old commute to it is in closer come a new permanent job. Moving expenses do not apply to a continual traveler. A traveler is never ever “moving” – they space temporarily working “away from home”.

We hope this clarifies the 50 mile dominance for you. We realize that it might be an additional futile attempt at resisting assimilation by the industry Cybermen. Maybe this rate of Traveler Dr. Who will prevail for good.

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our apologies to those of girlfriend that space too young to remember this video game J A permanent Residence and a taxation Residence space different- refer to previous articles for this discussion Both the Borg in Star Trek and also the Cybermen in Dr. Who warned their prey of assimilation

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