What walk the biology say to Victor when he reconnects with him, and also for what does the ask in Frankenstein?
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once he meets with Victor Frankenstein, the creature relates what has actually happened come him due to the fact that his beginning. After ~ this, he needs that Victor produce a companion for him. 

Tortured through the knowledge that the is the "true murderer the William and Justine," Victor Frankenstein return to nature for a...

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When the meets through Victor Frankenstein, the creature relates what has actually happened come him because his beginning. After this, he needs that Victor create a companion for him. 

Tortured through the understanding that the is the "true murderer that William and also Justine," Victor Frankenstein returns to nature because that a sublime endure of the emotion of awe, hope, and ecstasy in the sink of Chamounix. However, it is there the he re-encounters his creature.

Victor speak his biology that the wishes the the extinction of the creature"s life would regain the victims who were for this reason "diabolically murdered!" The biology replies the he supposed such a brutal reception. The adds,

How dare you sport thus with life? carry out your duty in the direction of me, and I will execute mine towards you and also the remainder of mankind (Chapter 10).

The creature uses to leave Victor and also his friends and family alone if he will comply v his conditions. If Victor refuses, however, the creature vows, 

I will work-related at her destruction, nor complete until i desolate your heart, so that you candlestick curse the hour of her birth (Chapter 17).

Furthermore, the creature promises to it is in "mild and also docile come my natural lord and king" if Victor will perform his part, a component that Victor owes him. He tells Victor the he must be his Adam, yet he is, instead, the "fallen angel" who has been propelled away from joy. He says that the was as soon as kind and good; however, misery caused him to become a fiend. If Victor will certainly make that happy, he will again be virtuous.

I was benevolent; my spirit glowed with love and also humanity: however I am no alone, miserably alone? You, my creator, abhor me; what hope deserve to I conference from her fellow-creatures, who owe me nothing? (Chapter 10)

The biology relates what has happened to him since his abandonment, explicate his time living in the hovel behind the cottage of the DeLaceys. He likewise describes the gratuitous cruelty of the DeLaceys as soon as they believed he to be harming your father, and also the assault upon him once he conserves a girl native drowning. This cruelty affect the creature profoundly, and also he avenges himself upon the Frankenstein family by death William and implicating Justine.

The biology then provides his ultimatum, and Victor listens because he feel that together the creator, he has actually some duty to the creature before he "complains that his wickedness." The biology tells Victor:

You must produce a female because that me v whom I can live in the interchange the those sympathies necessary for my being (Chapter 17).

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The biology sees having a companion that is choose him together his just chance because that contentment; she would certainly not disapprove him as mankind seems to have done. He requirements that Victor produce a woman in his likeness for him. Victor realizes the after-effects of this creation, yet he additionally realizes that the creature can relate to nobody but another creature prefer him. He promises Victor the if he creates a mrs for him, no other human being will ever see the again.