Chapter Five, which takes location on the Sunday afternoon, starts v Lennie in the barn, petting his dead puppy. He has accidentally eliminated the dog through stroking it too hard and also is worried the George will find out and also stop him from looking after the rabbits as soon as they get their farm, for this reason he tries come hide the under part straw.

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Curley’s wife enters and tries to speak to Lennie. At first, he tries to ignore her because he knows the George doesn’t want him come speak come her. However, she notices his puppy and also aramuseum.orgmforts that so the starts talking to her. She opens up come him around her dislike of she husband and her aspirations the bearamuseum.orgming a movie star.

Lennie speaks to her around the farm yard he and also George will certainly have and the rabbit he will look after. He tells her that he likes to pet soft things. She claims that she understands and also offers him her hair to stroke, which that does. However, that strokes she hair also hard, making she panic and shout. Worried that he will acquire into trouble, Lennie aramuseum.orgvers her mouth with his hand and shakes her. He division her neck then leaves, conscious that he has done something wrong.

Candy goes right into the barn and finds Curley’s wife’s body. He runs to gain George and also the two comment on what has actually happened and also predict that Curley will want to kill Lennie. Liquid asks around the dream of buying a farm and also the two realise the this is now never ever going come happen. George is worried the Curley will certainly suspect that he was affiliated in his wife’s death and also asks liquid to pretend he hasn’t seen him prior to he leaves the barn.

Alone v Curley’s wife’s body, Candy allows out his frustration and also anger, blaming she for the damage of their dream. The cries prior to going to uncover the rest of the guys to phone call them about her death. The males enter and also Curley needs that Lennie it is in found and also killed. Carlson claims that his gun is missing and they doubt that Lennie has actually taken it. George speak the men to go in a different direction to wherein he knows Lennie will be.

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In Chapter Six, Lennie is hiding in the bushes next to the clearing he and George continued to be in at the begin of the book. That hallucinates, seeing his Aunt Clara and a huge rabbit. George find Lennie and speaks to him, telling him that he is no angry and also trying to calm him down. Lennie asks George to define the dream that the farm and he walk so. As he does this, George asks Lennie to take turn off his hat and also look the end at the river. George then provides Carlson’s gun to shoot Lennie in the earlier of the head.

\"GeorgeThe remainder of the men discover George after hearing the shot. George cases that Lennie had Carlson’s gun and he had to shoot that after controlling to take the gun far from him. Slim go away through George, informing him: you hadda, George. I swear girlfriend hadda. Carlson and also Curley clock them leave, wondering, what the hell ya expect is eatin' them two guys?