Picture 1.8 some atoms shed electrons and also become positive ions. Others gain electrons and become an adverse ions.

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For example:A lithium atom has 3 protons and 3 electrons. It can lose one of its electrons, making that an ion. It currently has an ext positive protons than electrons so it has an as whole positive charge. Therefore it is a positive ion.

A fluorine atom will tend to gain, rather than lose, one electron. By acquiring a an adverse electron, it has an overall an unfavorable charge. The has end up being a negative ion.

BondingThe optimistic lithium ion and the an unfavorable fluoride ion will currently be attractive to each other. They deserve to join together, or bond, to type lithium fluoride.

Note: chemistry sometimes draw the electrons approximately atoms in shells (as in photo 3.3). This help to describe why part atoms shed electrons and also others choose them up. This doesn\"t median that the electrons space really going approximately in circles with those radii - it is just a way of picturing it.

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Question 4Look in ~ the number of corpuscle in the atoms below. In each case, decision what the charge will certainly be. Pick your answer native the menu.elementsprotonselectronssodium1111please choose-2-10+1+2sodium1110please choose-2-10+1+2oxygen89please choose-2-10+1+2oxygen87please choose-2-10+1+2iron2624please choose-10+1+2+3iron2623please choose-10+1+2+3hydrogen11please choose-2-10+1+2hydrogen10please choose-2-10+1+2\"navigation