Depending on how you select to look at it, Cheyanne is one of two people a misspelling of Cheyenne (the name of a aboriginal American Indian tribe) or it’s a spelling feminized repurposing the Cheyenne (with the more girly “-anne” suffix). Cheyenne itself (as a girl’s name) is a modern-day coinage taken from the Indian country that once inhabited the area between the Missouri and also Arkansas rivers in the good Plains. Words “Cheyenne” is French Canadian, originating indigenous Sioux Dakota native “šahíyena” definition “speak incoherently” native the aspects “ša” (red) and also “ya” (speak). The Dakotas thought about their very own Sioux-based language clear and understandable (i.e., “white talkers”); but the Algonquian-based language that the Cheyenne to be unintelligible and alien sound (hence “red talkers”). The Cheyennes were one of the many prominently famous of every the great Plains nations and also were closely allied through the Lakotas to the east and also the Arapahos come the south. As time go on, the Cheyenne people were ultimately pushed more northwest (Montana, Wyoming and also the Dakotas). In fact, the state funding of Wyoming is called after the Cheyenne Indians. Similar to the popular of Dakota for little girls, Cheyenne is one more Native-American motivated name which obtained a huge following in the 1990s. Due to Cheyenne’s success as a baby girl’s name in America, the misspellings/respellings of Cheyanne and Shyanne arised as alternate variations. Together a an individual name obtained from a appropriate name, however, it might be ideal to spell Cheyenne appropriately or you operation the risk of feather silly. It would certainly be akin to spelling Dakota DaKotah.

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Cheyanne an initial appeared on the American female naming charts in 1991, coinciding through the climbing popularity of Cheyenne. In fact, Cheyenne even managed to achieve Top 100 status between 1994 and 2000. As it transforms out, these to be the most popular years because that Cheyanne, together well. Basically, Cheyanne has actually been talk the coattails of Cheyenne due to the fact that her debut ~ above the charts (just to a much, much lesser extent).

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Statistically speaking, 80% the parents who opt for this name will spell the correctly, while the other 20% will spell that “incoherently”. Probably that’s the biggest irony of all.