Daily Verb Lesson: French for paint is peindre

The French for paint is the rarely often rare -RE verb peindre.To remember this, imagine a PANDA paints!peindre can likewise mean: to colour, to use paint. Related words include: -se peindre (vr) : to repaint oneself/a me portrait; come depict oneself. -la peinture (nf) : painting (a work-related of art); paint. -peindre un portraid de : to repaint a portrait of. -dépeindre : to repaint (fig), to portray, to depict, come describe.Verbs finishing in -eindre additionally conjugated in this way include : astreindre, déteindre, éteindre, peindre, restreindre.

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repaint a picture in her memory for much faster recall, shot learning French with innovative methods like Cartoon storage Triggers.To remember a word, think the the pic! to paint : peindre Imagine a PANDA paints!VERB link TABLE peindreSimple tense peindrePresent Participle: peignant TENSEje/j"tuilnousvousilsPresentPrésentpaintpeinspeinspeintpeignonspeignezpeignentPast ImperfectImparfaitpaintedpeignais peignais peignait peignions peigniez peignaient Simple PastPassé Simplepainted peignis peignis peignit peignîmespeignîtespeignirent FutureFuturwill paintpeindraipeindraspeindrapeindronspeindezpeindrontConditionalConditionnelwould paintpeindraispeindraispeindraitpeindrionspeindriezpeindraientPresent SubjunctiveSubjonctifmay paintpeignepeignespeignepeignionspeigniezpeignentCompound time form peindre previous Participle: peint Present PerfectPassé Composéhave paintedai peintas peint a peint avons peint avez peint ont peint Past PerfectPlus-que-Parfaithad paintedavais peintavais peintavait peintavions peintaviez peintavaient peintFuture PerfectFutur Antérieurwill have paintedaurai peintauras peintaura peintaurons peintaurez peintauront peintConditional PerfectConditionnel Passéwould"ve paintedaurais peintaurais peintaurait peintaurions peintauriez peintauraient peintImperativeImperatifpaint!peins !peignons !peignez ! ← Yesterday"s lesson | an ext French class | include Daily French great to your Website free peindre is an rarely often rare RE verb.Learn peindre and also it will certainly reinforce the pattern for all those various other irregular RE verbs.Do this verbs every day because that a month and also you will have a solid knowledge of the RE verbs" shortcut patterns.

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There space many an ext French Verb Tables prefer this one.YOU have the right to easily include these daily French verb great to her website - free through copying and pasting some code we provide you.You can much more easily remember words and also verbs like the French verb peindre - French for repaint - making use of the techniques of the world"s storage Masters.

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