Heading to south Africa? right here are 8 ways to to speak hello in southern Africa therefore you can greet the locals and enjoy your time come the max!

South Africa is one of the many visited countries in Africa and, when visiting, the is crucial to know the different ways come greet in south Africa.

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It’s organic beauty means the country attracts people from everywhere the world. Southern Africa is a an extremely diverse nation with eleven main languages.

One the the countless privileges of cultivation up in southern Africa is the I had the opportunity to learn countless of these and feel confident when traveling to most parts that the country.

However, the multiple languages talked in the nation do often cause languages obstacle between tourists and locals since not everyone deserve to fluently speak English.

Apart from that, civilization everywhere appreciate it an ext when travelers can say a thing or 2 in their indigenous language. In south Africa, the most spoken language often depends ~ above what part of the nation you’re in.

Hello – gambling you didn’t see this one coming yet as ns said, English is the tool of communication, and also everyone knows “hello” so if you acquire stuck, simply simply say “hello” through a smile on her face.

2. Sawubona (singular)/ Sanibonani (Plural) – (Zulu and Swati) Zulu is the most widely talked language in the country. You will certainly hear this language everywhere an ext especially if you visit districts such together KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

3. Molo (Singular)/ Molweni (Plural) – Xhosa is the second most widely spoken language. Girlfriend will mainly hear it in the eastern Cape province, the informal settlements in Cape Town and other parts of the western Cape.

4. Dumela (Singular)/ Dumelang (Plural) – (Tswana and Sotho) Sotho is popular in the complimentary State district while Tswana is popular in the north West. Girlfriend will likewise hear these languages a lot of in the Gauteng cities; Johannesburg and Pretoria.

5. Abuxeni (pronounced Abusheni) – Tsonga is not a famous language, yet if you ever before come across a Tsonga human being then it will be great to at the very least know exactly how to greet them in your language.


6. Ndaa (Men)/Aa (Women) – The Venda language is likewise not widely spoken in many parts that the country but an extremely popular in the Limpopo province. If she a guy you greet by speak “Ndaa” and also if you room a woman you greet by speak “Aa.”

7. Heita hola/howzit – Loosely equates to “Hi, exactly how are you?” This is a “cool” city greeting frequently used in the streets. You have the right to use it as soon as you check out a young gentleman in a township pub or as soon as you check out them ~ above the streets. They’ll uncover you really cool especially if it’s obvious that you a foreigner.

8. Aweeh – Loosely converts to “Hello” also a cool, city street slang mostly used in the “coloured” communities. This greeting, as well as the one prior to it, are very popular among young people.

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An extra pointer from a native: as soon as greeting enlarge people, constantly follow the greeting with a nod and also when shower hands use both of your hands otherwise enjoy the braais and the chillas.

So you room heading to southern Africa and also you now know how to greet others, but here room a few more travel tips for points you need to know prior to visiting southern Africa. 

Don’t worry about the language – that is good to discover some straightforward greetings and sayings but, if you speak English, you should be able to travel well. Many South afri speak English, even if it is it is together a first or second language, so friend should have the ability to communicate v others in many situations. When to visit? – southern Africa have the right to be saw all-year round yet check the weather front of booking to fill accordingly. November to February market warm and dry weather whilst July come November is cold and windy however a great time for whale watching. South Africa is huge – The nation is substantial so don’t mean to see it all uneven you are below for one extending period of time. Three Capitals – southern Africa is the only nation in the world with three funding cities; Pretoria, Cape Town and also Bloamfontein. Cities room modern – The cities in southern Africa are modern-day and developed.You have the right to expect fantastic restaurants, 5-star hotels, markets, museums and shopping malls. Friend will need to travel come the video game reserves and the adjacent villages come spot wild animals. Diversity – south Africa offers so numerous different things to see and also do, consisting of Safaris, skiing, vineyards, canyons and bustling city life. Gain all political parties of the country and also plan much longer than friend think friend will require – if friend can. You deserve to travel on a budget – take trip prices are considerably cheaper in south Africa than they room in the West, therefore travelling have the right to be cheap. Try the food – southern Africa is home to some impressive food but also diverse options to pick from. From markets to eateries to fine dining, there are lots of an excellent choices because that you to select from – even if it is you want to shot some timeless dishes or western fusions. Safety – southern Africa is safe but use your usual sense. Save your valuables locked in the hotel safe and don’t flaunt expensive electronics or jewellery. Rent a vehicle – Renting a car is the best method to view the country. Taxis no readily easily accessible here and also the public carry is limited. Uber and also Taxis – once in the large cities, you can use taxis and also Uber to take trip around. These room cheap and we recommend using them if her hotel or hostel suggests it. Safaris room pricey yet worth it – Your greatest expensive in southern Africa is the video game reserves. These are costly yet worth it. South Africa is set back – The nation is a laid-back, slow-moving paced location so nothing expect people to it is in rushing around. Adopt the slow-moving pace and also relax.