Temple run has actually been a an extremely popular video game recently. After upset birds, this has been more than likely the most famous game on iPhone.

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It is addictive to the core.

One the the many asked inquiries is just how to resurrect while play the game.

Here room some real, working answers.

Resurrect twice on holy place Run

The key is come make certain you have sufficient gold coins in the an initial place.


1. Very first off, make sure that you collection at least 1500 coins

2. Now, get in the “store” on key menu

3. Climate scroll down to “Utilities”

4. Tap twice on the an initial option – i m sorry is a collection of wings.

5. Make sure you have two wings. (500 coins because that one wing)

Now, go back and start playing the game again.

You should be able to see the dual wings ~ above the best hand corner of the display while playing. Twin tap come resurrect when playing temple Run.

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Video – just how to resurrect after dying in temple Run game.

Enjoy and also have fun!