Remember those substantial King dimension Snickers bars the the not-so-distant past? Well, the gargantuan slabs that chocolate, peanuts, caramel, and nougat to be quietly replaced by the resealable and shareable 2 to go bars without numerous of us also noticing (via Market Watch). CNN says that the 2 to go Snickers resealable package contains two smaller snickers bars containing 220 calories each. The relocate from King size to the 2 to walk package to be officially announced in 2012, explaining the the brand-new language and also resealable packaging was meant to encourage consumer to re-superstructure or save the second Snickers bar to eat later. The outlet proclaimed that the confectionery company also said they plan to replace or remove all liquid bar sizes which consisted of over 250 calorie by the finish of 2013. According to NPR, downsizing indigenous the then conventional two ounce and also 280 calorie Snicker bars to a 250 calorie bar stood for an 11 percent shrink.

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Reason proclaimed that Mars" decision to only sell reduced calorie portions of their commodities was, in part, influenced by very first Lady Michelle Obama"s Let"s Move! campaign, which was designed to help combat childhood obesity. Obama"s regimen was started in conjunction with the non-profit Partnership because that a healthy America. The PHA claims that lock are focused on helping youngsters live healthy lives and grow to be adults totally free of health conditions caused by obesity. One way the PHA is trying to achieve this score is through working v food providers to create healthier products.

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How go so many of us not even notice this massive, King sized hole in the liquid bar aisle? Well, the removed of the King size Snickers bar was rendered substantially less impactful by Mars" decision to progressively remove the overlapping bars indigenous the market. Apparently, the candy equipments had begun phasing out the King sized Snickers as early on as 2004 without lot fuss (via Esquire).

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In a push release put out by Mars in 2017, the company announced this plan in cooperation with various other candy manufacturers prefer Nestle, Ferrero, and Lindt. They declared that they had actually officially started to implement these health inspired transforms in 2007: slowly replacing the high calorie treats v scaled-down servings sizes, presenting clear nutrition labeling top top the former of packaging, and removing artificial flavoring and colors from their products. The push release claims that the final phase that this initiative will certainly be completed by 2022, when fifty percent of all Mars commodities will officially be packaged in sizes containing 200 calories or less.