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Facts the Katherine Moennig

Katherine Moennig
December 29, 1977
43 years
5 feet 8 inches (1.73m)
$ 2 million
GreenLight BrownPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaSingleAmericanMixedAmerican Academy that Dramatic ArtsWilliam H. MoennigMary Zahn Katherine Moennig Instagram View more / View much less Facts that Katherine Moennig


Played Shane McCutcheon in the popular present The l Word and was seen as Lena in Showtime’s beam Donovan.

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What is the age of Katherine Moennig?

Katherine Moennig was born on December 29, 1977, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, The United states of America. Together of 2020, she is 43 year old under the zodiac sign Capricorn. She nationality is American and her ethnicity is mixed (German, Scottish, Irish).

What is Katherine Moennig tall? 

Katherine stands in ~ a elevation of 5 feet 8 customs tall. She has actually light brown hair and also green eyes. Her body weighs 57 kg.

Caption: Katherine Moennig Source: Instagram

Katherine’s mommy was a dancer in her early on years, whose name is Mary Zahn, and her father William H. Moennig. The maternal half-sister of her father is the actress, Blythe Danner, despite she is a cousin of Gwyneth Paltrow. Katherine to visit the American Academy that Dramatic Arts in Manhattan.

Is Katherine Moennig Gay?

Talking around her personal life, Katherine Moening is open minded gay. However, Katherine has actually not listed much around her an individual life. Privouklsy Katherine dated plenty of women.

She has dated Holly Miranda in 2008. After date for virtually 5 year the pair breakup in 2013. After her breakup through Holly, she began to day Evan Rachel Wood in 2014. Later Evan and also Katherine also break for part reason. However, there is no information around their separation. Moennig’s partnership with Woods is said to have ended in November of the same year.

Caption: Katherine Moennig through her friend Photo: Instagram

Previously Katherine likewise dated Amanda Moore. As the now, Katherine Moennig is most likely single and not engaged or married at the moment. In addition, she loves dogs and cats.

What is Katherine Moennig net Worth and also Salary?

Katherine Moennig has accumulated a considerable amount the her work in films and also television series. Her approximated net precious at $ 2 million. In 2011, the Moennig to be a actors in The Lincoln Lawyer, which ended up being a hit through over $ 87 million at package office, while production expenses were around $40 million.

Further, in ~ the finish of 2017, Moennig released its eclectically decorated, modern bungalow in ~ a expense of $ 1 million. The house is situated in the Laurel Canyon of Los Angeles. Moreover, Katherine bought a house in 2016. It has an apartment with two bedrooms and also a bathroom.

Further, Katherine to be an ambassador of the Wildfang garments brand, launched in America in 2013. She design a pair of restricted edition boots because that the brand.


As a profession, Katherine is one American actress. Moening is known for her role as Shane McCutcheon ~ above The l Word (2004-09) and also Jake Pratt ~ above Young american (2000). Moennig theatre 2013 the function of Lena in the Showtime series Ray Donovan.

Acting Career

In the year 1999, Katherine starred in the video clip “Is anyone Home?”.She likewise took a role in a Fleet financial institution commercial and participated in a Red Cross project that benefited victim of hurricane Katrina.She to be a presenter in ~ the 17th yearly GLAAD Awards and appeared at the 10th annual Ribbon of hope celebration.Moennig’s very first starring function played Jake Pratt in the television series Young Americans. Moreover, Katherine play a function in numerous lesbian roles including Shane McCutcheon in The l Word; Rosies (Drew Barrymore), Jilly’s partner in Everybody’s Fine; Candace, the lesbian lover of Sophia Myles’s personality in the Art college Confidential; and also Lena, a push agent who works for Liev Schreiber’s personality in beam Donovan.Moreover, she has additionally starred in transgender roles, auditioning because that the function of Brandon Teena in Boys carry out not Cry, and playing Cheryl Avery’.

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Caption: Katherine Moennig at an award role Source: InstagramLater, in April 2006, Moennig offered her off-Broadway debut together “American Girl” together Lee pace in Guardians by Peter Morris.In 2007, the Hetrick Martin institute (HMI), in participation with Moennig, produced the documentary my Address: A look at At gay Youth Homelessness.Under the direction that Gigi Nicolas, the documentary explored the experience of homeless gay teenagers and the occupational of the HMI.Afterward, in 2009, Moennig joined the actors of the television series Three Rivers.Later, on November 30, 2009, it to be announced the CBS had taken 3 Rivers out of the schedule there is no a return scheduled.