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There’s nothing much more ‘00s 보다 TV stars indigenous Nickelodeon and also Disney branching out and also trying your hand at an ext mature roles.

Amanda Bynes did it finest in What a Girl Wants. Miley Cyrus gave acting a cracked after Hannah Montana ended. Yet we’re here to talk about Hilary Duff and, specifically, her duty in 2004 filmRaise her Voice.

This movie. What a masterpiece. Because that the uninitiated, the story follows Hilary together an aspiring singer, that gets accepted into a prestigious arts program after she brother applies for her…err, just before he passed away in a vehicle accident. Yeah, there’s a lot happening.

Make no mistake, there are many questionable plot clues from beginning to end. It’s a shitshow and I love every 2nd of it.

y’all psychic ‘raise her voice’ w/ hilary duff once her brother gets her right into a call music regime bc he sent out in a video clip of she singing right into a hairbrush?

— madison🦋 (

But I’m here to talk around one specific scene where Terri (Hilary’s character) sings in former of she classmates and seems to impress everyone. As Max Grossman provided in a viral tweet from previously this year, this is clearly not Hilary’s to sing voice. That is just bonkers.

Pls reap Hilary Duff’s solo:

Remember in Raise her Voice when they called 3 different voices in this one vocal riff?

— Max Grossman (

Ummm. Huh?



it’s the best part

— ¯_(ツ)_/¯🏳️‍🌈 (
nothsispatrice) January 14, 2019

Let’s watch it again:

Me when la la la la la la la LA lalalaaaa! La lA la la la la LA la…La La la la La la Lala uh..,,LA!!! LA la LALA (….) huhHeaho wheewwwWHOhoooo ..huHEYHAyHAehEyeye!!! OoooooHOoOoo heyYayYeahYhëæh…!.

— i perform like she (
CellyClarkson) march 24, 2019

It is for sure baffling. Exactly how did anyone watch this scene (me included) and not question exactly how this ever before got v the editing and enhancing phase?

Where room THEIR oscars???

— Bareback Contessa (
BL0WJ0BPRINCESS) January 14, 2019

I have actually so many questions…

Just exactly how awkward to be filming this scene knowing that at the very least 4 different civilization are singing behind she 😂

— خاااالد (
ShawarmaHoe69) march 25, 2019

But I’ve made decision I’m not going to wonder why it happened but instead simply be grateful that we have evidence of this above lip syncing fail. Ns can’t believe the same human being who gifted united state The Lizzie McGuire Movie and iconic albumMetamorphosis also go this. Young name Duff provided us for this reason much. We room unworthy.

And it looks prefer Hilary has some aramuseum.orgpetition.

Hilary Duff to sing for she classmates in Raise your Voice

— Spencer Barrett (
spencerbarrett) march 28, 2019

Anyways, I’m turn off to rewatch this young name Duff classic since it is genuinely THE BEST.

me when you males are all set to talk about real problems… favor Hilary Duff’s Oscar snub for she iconic duty in Raise your Voice

— Aasha Collins (
aashacollinsxo) April 24, 2018

raise her voice starring Hilary Duff is a cinematic masterpiece

— jenn (

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