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We start with explaining the different gallons and then tell you where they are being used.

After that we show the conversion formulas.

We recommend you also check out our converter. Read on to learn everything about the gallons to liters conversion.

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How many Liters in a Gallon

A gallon can be both, a unit of volume for liquids, as well as a dry measure, which is a unit of volume to quantify non-fluid bulk commodities.

Historically, there were many different sizes of gallons in use, but these days only three significant remain in use: the US liquid gallon, the Imperial gallon and the US dry gallon, which is not relevant in commerce.

The US liquid gallon is exactly 3.785411784 liters; legally defined as 231 cubic inches The Imperial gallon is defined as 4.54609 liters; approximately 277.42 cubic inches The US dry gallon is exactly 1/0.22702 L ~ 4.405 liters; precisely 268.8025 cubic inches

Make sure to understand which gallon you have when it comes to the question how many liters in a gallon.

The United States liquid gallon is about 17% less than the UK gallon! Quite a difference when it comes to buying gas or petrol.

The Imperial gallon is also known as UK gallon. In in everyday life it is used in the United Kingdom as well as in some Commonwealth countries.

In addition, the Imperial gallon is utilized for fuel economy in some countries.

Outside of the United States, the US gallon is a legal unit in some countries in Central America, South America, the Caribbean as well as in the Republic of Liberia.

For a complete list please check the referenced article.

Note that the unit symbol for gallon is gal.

Therefore, one can sometimes see abbreviations such as UK gal, US gal, US liquid gal, US dry gal, etc.

The unit symbol for liter is l or L.

Convert Gallon to Liter

To convert gallons to liters, navigate to our gallon to liter converter further below or use the following formulas to learn how many liters in a gallon, be it either dry or liquid:

Convert US Liquid Gallon to Liter

= x 3.785411784

For example, to convert 2 US liquid gallons to liters multiply 2 by 3.785411784 to obtain ~ 7.57 liters. There are roughly seven and half liters per gallon.

Convert Imperial Gallon to Liter

= x 4.54609

For example, to convert 3 UK gallons to liters multiply 3 by 4.54609 to get ~ 13.64 liters. Three gallons to liter in this unit equals roughly 13 1/2 L.

Convert US Dry Gallon to Liter

= / 0.22702

For example, to convert 4 US dry gallons to liters divide 4 by 0.22702 to obtain ~ 17.62 liters. The gallon to liters conversion in this case is ~ 17 1/2 L.

The above formulas tell you how many liters in a gallon for every substance, but you can have it easier using our calculator in the next paragraph.

Gallon to Liter Converter

Enter the amount in gallons in the first field, then choose the unit. You obtain the result automatically.

Here you can convert liters to gallons.

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Gallon to Liter Conversion

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How many liters is a gallon is independent from the material; the gallon measures volume or capacity!

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