Hidden Packages in GTA vice City supplies a bunch of one-of-a-kind weapons on optimal of the $100 price each for collecting them. However, provided that there space 100 concealed Packages across the map of GTA evil City, players will should do a bit of experimenting to collect them all.

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Apart native weapons and also money, players can additionally receive distinct vehicles like the Rhino Tank and the Sea Sparrow by collecting a certain number of hidden packages.

These hidden Packages can be spotted by their green Tiki Statue-like design. Players deserve to simply walk v these revolving items to collection them in the game.

Having stated that, let"s dive in and also check the end all the rewards that have the right to be unlocked through collecting covert packages in GTA vice City.

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Hidden Packages Rewards

Given the there room 100 surprise packages throughout the map and collecting each of lock rewards $100, players have the right to earn a total of $10,000 by collecting every the packages hidden throughout the map.

Apart native the money, players will unlock numerous weapons and vehicles based upon the number of Hidden Packages castle unlock. These rewards along with the number of required packages are:

10 Packages - body Armor20 Packages - Chainsaw30 Packages - Colt Python40 Packages - Flamethrower50 Packages - Combat Sniper60 Packages - Minigun70 Packages - Rocket Launcher80 Packages - Sea Sparrow accessible near Vercetti Estate90 Packages - Rhino Tank available at fort Baxter waiting Base100 Packages - $100,000

With that out of the way, let"s examine out all the 100 areas where players can discover a surprise package in GTA evil City.

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Using this Map Genie embed, players have the right to locate all the available Hidden Packages located across the map that GTA evil City.

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