“Bless your heart” – a Southern method to say you’re fat or not rather acceptable. If you only learn ONE southerly idiom, it have to be “Bless your heart.”


Sweet southerly Lady Saying, “Bless your Heart.”

You deserve to say anything around anybody, climate say, “Bless her heart,” and it is alright. “She certainly has meat up – she looks like a bale of hay – bless she heart.” that is the welcomed retort if who relays part sad or unflattering news about another person. The listener will then reply, “Well, bless his heart.”

Even mine transplanted Yankee friend have had to learn this one. Bless your heart gives us southerners carte blanche to say something no so nice around folks, and then be forgiven immediately.

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If friend don’t speak ours language, you will certainly most likely hear indigenous the cashier in ~ the check-out in the grocery store, “You ain’t native ’round here, are you?” and we are always right. As shortly as you open up your mouth, we recognize you space not from around here. We do obtain some blank stares native folks that hail from over the Mason Dixon line.


The Perfect southern Word because that a mess – Hurrah’s Nest

This to be something the my mommy would frequently say. She would certainly tell me, “Your Aunt Effie’s hair looks choose a hurrah’s nest.” I moved away, I said it and also folks laughed at me. Then one day I didn’t to speak it anymore. The is also bad. I might never find it in my thesaurus – until last night. I said it to mine phone, “What is a hurrah’s nest.” Eureka, I found it! It to be there in Webster. It way “an untidy heap, a mess.”

There are countless words and also phrases that ns heard as soon as I was farming up in the southern – much more specifically, east North Carolina. I spoke these words too, till I left home. Then, practically daily, someone would look in ~ me and say, “What did you say?” It was then that ns realized not everyone supplied those exorbitant old expressions. Unfortunately, I gotten rid of them from mine vocabulary. Now I am including them back.

Many words the my mother used room no longer used. I just figured lock weren’t really words. Ns now understand they are good words. Sherlock Holmes said he to be prising open up a window. Well, therefore did my mother – she did not pry the open, she prised it open.

Many of our words have to do v the weather, most of united state were farmers. Everyday you would below words favor airish, raw, briling, a tight shower or coming up a cloud.

My southern African friend Lee anne loved the expression, “Don’t plot ugly.” that means, that course, to it is in nasty or rude. A child deserve to misbehave and also we would certainly say he is exhilaration ugly. Big folks regularly act ugly too.


A piece – refers to distance. “He resides a right far/fer piece native here.”

Ails – This method “what is wrong or troubling you? Or room you sick?” (This is indigenous the old English.) What ails you?

Ain’t a huckleberry – not anything or isn’t anything, usually has something come compare. “He ain’t a huckleberry compared to the last fellow she walk with.”

Airish – Cooler 보다 expected.

All oven up – feeling so negative you simply can’t perform anything. Poor off.

All over production – Everywhere, together in recommendation to walking somewhere once the human would fairly be what else. “She dragged me all over creation looking a cap to match her shoes.”

Amongst us – In the middle of the group, in the middle of. “Is there a doctor amongst us?”

Bacca – Shortened native tobacco “It is hot work putting in bacca this days.”

Bad turn off – A medical term to typical someone is yes, really sick. “He has been bad off ever because he had actually that operation.”

Beatenist- If that don’t win all. “He had actually the beatenist beard.”

Beating and also Lamming – an excellent amounts the noise as someone slams doors, knocks things over, etc. “He came home late last night, beating and lamming.” Lamming in brothers English method thrashing.

Beholden – Indebted to, i owe girlfriend one. “I am beholden to you because that helping me,” (from center English).

Bless your heart – We typically use this expression best after we have actually said something around someone that is not flattering. She has certainly fleshed up, bless she heart. Also my transplanted Yankee friend have had actually to discover this one. Bess friend heart offers us southerners carte blanche come say something not so nice around folks, and then be forgiven.

Booger – If someone is a booger they are a mess. Booger can be one expletive and also substituted for “just damn.” A proper lady can say, Booger, yet not just damn.

Born work – generally expresses shock or disbelief. Ns haven’t checked out anything choose that in all mine born days.

Boxing – The soffit and fascia in a building. “Don’t forget to repaint the boxing.”

Bray or Bray out – come yell loudly as a mule will bray out. “Every time dinner to be ready, Mama would bray out for united state youngins.”

Brilin – as in briling sunshine – very, really hot. It was probably derived from broiling.

Brush – come sweep. “She brushes the kitchen floor two or three times a day.” come brush the yard originates from when people made yard brooms the end of branches. Persons who had no grass and only had actually dirt yards brushed the yard.

Bubba – A Bubba is someone who has rather conventional ideas, does not favor change, but in effect, is a great old boy. That will help whenever the is called. He might chew tobacco and hunt and also most absolutely he will certainly drive a pick up truck v a dog crate or tool box in the back. The is no illiterate, yet his concepts are an extremely provincial. A Bubba is no necessarily a redneck. Bubbas carry out not favor casseroles and also will no usually shot any food the his mama did not make. Vacations are usually bring away at areas no furthermore away than 100 miles. There are no female Bubbas.

Bumbler – A bumble bee

Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth – A saying in recommendation to someone that is so overtly pretty to part folks but about others the is rude.

Cackle – to laugh the end loud. “I cackled once he said me about Aint Callie and the mule.” see tickled.

Came in the ace of Almost. “I came in the ace of stepping on that snake” top top the verge of, an extremely near. Center English

Cape Jasmine – A Cape Jasmine is a gardenia.

Car he to be on – means the vehicle he was in. “Did you see what kind of car he to be on?”

Carry on – an illicit connection or affair. To have actually an affair. This does not average “to continue.” “He has been carrying on with her for years.”

Carry – To offer a lift, usually in a auto of some sort. “Can you carry me to church tomorrow?”

Catty-wompus – the end of kilter

Chimbley – Chimney

Cobbled up – to bungle or make a chaos of law something. “No one can ever fix the after he has cobbled that up.” This as well is a perfectly great word.

Co-Cola or ko-ko-la -This is Coca-Cola, and it is express Kokola. Because that years this referred to the little Coca-Cola in the bottle. These space not always so readily easily accessible now. The yes, really Coca-Colas deserve to still be uncovered in tiny town nation stores or at tiny town soda fountains.

Commode stool – inside toilet fixture, stool

Conglameration – A basic mixture; conglomeration.

Conniption right – to really throw a fit and sometimes girlfriend can autumn in it. This fits are usually thrown through hysterical get an impressive women.

Crank-sided – Catty-wompus or leaning to one side. “That chimbley yes, really looks crank-sided.”

Cup pan – usually a white enamel basin pan because that washing key – different in size from a food pan. These were offered on the ago porch to to wash dishes. The water was then flung out right into the garden or ~ above the shrubs.

Current – Electricity. The current was out for an hour.”

Cut turn off or reduced out – To revolve off as a light or television. “Please cut out the lights prior to you go to bed.”

Cut a light – to act ugly or cut up. “He really cut a shine once his sister married Noah.”

Dinner – The noon meal. The night enjoy the meal is supper. “I invited the preacher for dinner.”

Directly – Later. Pronounce da rec’ ly. It would seem the directly would mean right now or very soon, however it really means when ns get about to it. “I will obtain to the directly.” This is another British expression the we have actually adopted.

Dish Pan – normally a white enamel (sometimes aluminum) round pan.

Drag – (verb) way you had to unduly coerce someone as in, “I walk not desire to go but Bob dragged me come the party.” traction can likewise mean to haul a bunch of things somewhere. The best description of drag is the Yiddish occupational schlepp. “She dragged all of that chaos over to Bertha’s home as if us were going to continue to be a week.” girlfriend can also drag in come the party; that method you were late.

Duster- A house coat

Dutch Cleanser – Scouring flour such as Comet.

Eat on it – Is to have some food easily available, usually already prepared, such as a cook ham. “It’ll be nice to have it around and we can eat on it all week.”

Fall out – come pass out or have a spell. “It was so warm Sammy fell out in the field.”

Fall of the year or spring of the year – it is a time that evokes a particular emotion. However, the is never ever Summer that the year or Winter of the year. British provenance.

Fall out v – (Totally different from merely Falling out.) – come fall the end with is to have actually a serious disagreement, to component ways. “I heard the Mr. Donald and Miss Carrie fell out with the church board and also started Yarrell’s Creek Church ago in the depression.

Fart in a warm skillet – This method that someone is fidgety and antsy. He simply couldn’t sit down; he to be acting prefer a fart in a hot skillet. I hear that my granny Sallie offered this expression, yet my mother, the southern lady, would certainly not to speak this in company.

Fell off – lost weight. “Since she had that operation, she really fell off.”

Fixin’ – when somebody’s “fixin” to perform something, it won’t be long.

Fleshed up – got weight. “Louise has definitely fleshed up due to the fact that I experienced her last” (as opposed to fell off).

Float an iron wedge – special and solid as in liquid. “That coffee was solid enough to float an stole wedge.”

Folks – people. “There must have actually been twenty 5 folks at that meeting,” never ever twenty 5 people.

Frigidaire or Kelvinator – refrigerator. “Please get me a drink the water the end of the Frigidaire.” This expression changed from city to town, depending on who had actually the dealership in the town.

From the horse’s mouth – This method that friend heard that story straight from the person it happened to, not from Aunt Effie.

Gallivant – to go approximately all over, to wander or go everywhere, come roam about. “We invested the morning gallivanting almost everywhere Bear Grass.”

Gape – to yawn. “I couldn’t protect against gaping during the sermon.” (from center English.)

Gee – Command offered to a mule to turn to the right. Haw means to rotate left. All of our mules taken this and actually castle knew it once they very first came here. Castle were also matched up in pairs to work-related together when it took two mules to traction something.

Get a bathtub or shower – To take a shower head or bath. Never to take it a shower.

Get melted of – To acquire rid of. “I ultimately got shed of the old car.”

Get up with – to contact “ ns tried every day to get up v him, but could not find him anywhere.”

Ginavy or Jinavy or jenavy – (I don’t have actually a clue as to the origin of this word or exactly how to order it.) I method a entirety bunch that folks. There to be a whole jenavy that folks end at Mamie Lou’s house.”

Gone come seed – Deteriorated, commonly from wild living. “Albert offered to it is in a an excellent looking young man, but he has actually just gone to seed.” This is in referral to the critical stages that a plant once it set seed. That will shortly die.

Good ole’ boy – They space Caucasian yet not have to a red neck or a Bubba. A good ole’ boy is often someone who is unschooled, an extremely local and also who means well. He listens to country music, he will execute you no harm and also will help anyone in need. Girlfriend may pick not to take him to a black tie event (no matter exactly how cute the is). There room no good ole’ girls.

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Gourd green – Green, together in recommendation to a fruit such together a watermelon. That watermelon was gourd green…meaning not ripe.

Grabble – come feel roughly with the hands. “I grabbled around in the dirt and found some brand-new potatoes.”