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No issue which language you’re reasoning of, there is inevitably going to it is in a native or phrase that expresses the idea that “love”. Once two people care for one another, they normally say the indistinguishable of “I Love You” in the matching language. The Greek language is no different, however love is looked at as a bit more complicated of an emotion than we could realize. Here’s a watch at how to call someone the you love lock in the Greek language, and also some of the different ways the love is expressed.

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Saying i Love friend in the Greek Language

There room different cases where you could wish come tell someone that you love them. Here’s a look in ~ the feasible scenarios:

You’re in a romantic relationship and also you want to express your feelings that love in the direction of your partner.You want to phone call a friend or household members the you love them.You’re emotion a basic sense of love towards someone or something and also want to express the idea.

In the Greek language, there are several various verbs that express love. Each of these verbs have a slightly various connotation:

αγάπη – agapi – unconditional love

This verb is supplied most regularly when it pertains to expressing her love for someone, particularly from a romantic sense. However, the love felt when using this verb doesn’t need to be taken into consideration romantic. However, that most frequently refers come the love that is taken into consideration to be unconditional. If you want to tell who you love castle in this context, you would certainly say, ”

Σε αγαπώ (σ’ αγαπώ) – se agapo (s’agape) – ns love you

ἔρως – eros – romantic love

If you desire to express a emotion of pure, romantic love, friend would usage the verb ἔρως – eros. Although human being in a romantic relationship can feel unconditional love, that isn’t have to the case. If you desire to to express the romantic nature of your feelings, this is the verb you would use.

φιλία – filia – brotherly love

Although friend can additionally love your friends unconditionally (αγάπη), over there is also a unique verb the expresses the kind of love the you feel for them. φιλία (filia), which method brotherly love, is the verb that is supplied in this situation. In fact, Philadelphia, well-known as the City that Brotherly Love, is called after this verb.

Even despite there are some usual verbs the are offered to express love, most world just speak Σε αγαπώ (σ’ αγαπώ) – se agape (s’agape) to tell someone directly that they love them.

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The find out Greek section on was created by Greeks to help people understand the conversational basics the the Greek language. This short article is not a substitute for a expert Greek learning program, but a helpful resource for world wanting come learn an easy communication in Greek.