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Do you like solving curious things? If you answered yes to that, then right here is the location where they to be born in mystery Shack mystery Game. Mabel and also Dipple were locked up in the attic, probably by your dubious uncle, or should I to speak gruncle? leaving the joke aside, lock must discover out what is happening. Run in and assist them with this mission!

How to play the game

Choose one of two people one between Mabel and also Dipper, and play in this puzzle video game to find out what is yes, really happening around this unusual place. What you need to do is to uncover a way out of all this weirdness and click every little thing that does no seem right. Shot to uncover objects that will help you later on your trip such together light bulbs, coins, teeth and also especially keys. Those points will come in handy i guarantee you!

In this game, you will also have to use your brain a small because there space some riddles that you will have to solve to get past some obstacles. Click the points you have collected, and use them against other ingredient in the room come unlock goods and also even doors. Perform not be discouraged if you execute not uncover your means at first, shot a small bit harder and also if friend still do not succeed, click on the tiny question note at the bottom that the screen. As soon as clicked, the will display a hints that will make points easier, but shot not come abuse it!

You will certainly undoubtedly have actually a many fun figuring out all the mystery codes and passing with all the traps set behind because that you. It is in smart and escape!

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