Take my life and also let it beConsecrated, Lord, come Thee;Take mine hands and also let them moveAt the advertise of her love.Take mine feet and let them beSwift and also beautiful for… review More 

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God, yu tekem laef blong miMi mi givim nao long yuBak mi giv evrideBlong leftemap nem blong yuGod, yu tekem han blong miBlong givhan lengthy nara manMo yu tekem leg blong miBlong mi karem tok blong yuGod, ol mane tu blong miPlis, yu tekem mi blong yuMo yu tekem head blong miBlong mi waes lengthy wok blong yuYu mekem tingting blong miI stap solid long yu oltaemYu nomo yu king blong miPlis yu rul lengthy laef blong yuGod, mi laekem yu tumasMbae yu king blong mi oltaemEvri samting ya blong miMi mi givim nao long yu
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Take my life and let the beConsecrated, Lord, to Thee;Take mine hands and let them moveAt the impulse of her love.

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Take my feet and let castle beSwift and also beautiful because that Thee;Take mine voice and also let me sing,Always, only for mine King.

Take mine lips and let lock beFilled v messages from Thee;Take my silver and my gold,Not a mite would certainly I withhold.

Take my moments and my days,Let them circulation in endless praise;Take my intellect and useEvery pow’r as Thou shalt choose.

Take mine will and also make the Thine,It shall be no much longer mine;Take mine heart, the is Thine own,It shall it is in Thy imperial throne.

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Take mine love, my Lord, ns pourAt thy feet its endowment store;Take myself and I will certainly beEver, only, every for Thee.

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