What is the Sample Variance?Sample Variance Formula

What is the Sample Variance?

The sample variance, s2, is provided to calculate just how varied a sample is. A sample is a select variety of items taken from a population. Because that example, if you room measuring American people’s weights, that wouldn’t it is in feasible (from either a time or a monetary standpoint) for you to measure the weights of every human in the population. The systems is to take it a sample that the population, say 1000 people, and also use that sample size to estimate the really weights the the entirety population. The variance helps you to figure out how spread the end your weights are.

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Definition of Sample Variance


Step 4: Type “Var” into the find for a function text box and climate click “Go.” VAR should be emphasize in the duty list.

Step 5: Click “OK.”

Step 6: Type the place of the sample data into the Number1 text box. This sample data was typed right into cells A1 come A10, so i typed “A1:A10” into the message box. Make certain to separate the very first and last cells by a colon (A1:A10).

Step 7: Click “OK.” Excel will certainly return the sample variance in the cell you made decision in action 2. For this question, the variance the 123, 129, 233, 302, 442, 542, 545, 600, 694, 777 is 53800.46.

Tip: You have the right to also accessibility the VAR function from the “Formulas” tab in Excel. Click the “Formulas” tab and then click the “Insert Function” switch on the much left that the toolbar. Continue from step 4 over to calculate the variance.Tip: friend don’t have to form your sample data into a worksheet. Technically, you can open the VAR role dialog box and then type your data into the Number1, Number2 etc. Boxes. However, the benefit of typing the data straight into the worksheet is that you have the right to perform much more functions on her data (like conventional deviation) if you need to.

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