Synopsis: Citizens about Amestris tune into Radio Capital, a station in main where several Mustang"s subordinates are at together the Fuhrer"s mam is being interviewed around the attempt on she life. Mustang"s group uses this to obtain support of their countrymen, who believe that a coup has been began to overthrow Bradley and also Mustang and his team are defending the status quo. Hear Maria Ross on the program, Denny Brosh realizes that she"s quiet alive. The main command police officers are surprised to view tanks attack HQ. Meanwhile, underground, Roy and Riza arrive to assist Ed"s group and Roy conveniently dispatches number of homunculi zombies through his flames. Mei and also Envy, the latter chasing the former, end up in the exact same room, wherein Envy sees the i can not qualify partnership in between State Alchemists and Scar and also comments on it. Roy needs to recognize who killed Maes Hughes and Envy ultimately admits to it, mirroring him just how he transformed right into Hughes" wife to record him off guard. Roy speak Ed, Scar, and also the others to walk ahead, as he will manage Envy top top his own. Roy easily injures Envy continuously using his fire alchemy, even when Envy transforms right into his larger form. Envy slips away and tries disguising himself as Hughes, however Roy doesn"t autumn for it. Having actually been separated during the fight, Roy and Riza reunite, yet Riza points she gun in ~ Roy.

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Wow, it was a beautifully excellent episode, wasn"t it? Production-wise, this was an extremely solid episode. The art and also animation were fantastic throughout, the music was well-utilized, and the voice acting was the finest it"s ever been from number of characters, specifically Minami Takayama as Envy, the character at an every time high that wickedness. Really, in part ways, this was among the ideal episodes because episode 19.

But, on 2nd thought, story-wise, thematically, and also the like, that wasn"t very an excellent at all.

First of all, though it was ideal to display the reaction from Amestrians, especially people in Central, to the happenings of the past couple of episodes, castle spent way too lengthy showing this. Castle spent method too lot time with the radio broadcast segment that the episode. At a certain point, the lingering just slowed under the enthusiasm I had actually for this arc, which had been steadily building. Is that all best at this suggest to slow-moving down and spend all this time roughly characters who do nothing? They might easily have cut this little down from 7 or eight minute to four or five and also nobody would have lost anything from it. That doesn"t make sense to impede the inert of the story at this point.

Then there"s the fight between Roy and Envy. Or really, I need to say it was a one-sided slaughter the Envy through Roy for the purposes of... What, exactly? solve the viewer"s bloodlust (er, flamelust)? I recognize this is walking to be an unpopular opinion, but since I review this part of the story in the manga, I have had large problems with this fight on several fronts. I"ll covering as much of this as I deserve to without trying to tread too much of the same ground I"ve to be over in other areas online.

First of all, deserve to somebody who"s composing this, it is in it Hiromu Arakawa or the men writing the scripts because that the TV series, pertained to some type of definitive stance on just how powerful Roy Mustang is? are we an alleged to believe his fire powers space stronger since he"s angry? space you informing me the male who couldn"t defeat Isaac on his own and barely made it through fighting Lust have the right to take ~ above a newly revived Envy at his strongest like he to be a crippled infant through a rock tied to his back? We"re claimed to believe that Roy just totally dominates Envy once Ed and Ling right survived? I"m sorry, I know Roy is a much more powerful alchemist 보다 Edward is overall, however really, this powerful? Envy can"t stomp the flames out with his mere size in his true form? and also he"s i can not qualify of closeup of the door his eyes because that two seconds so that he prevents getting his eyes burnt? The whole fight appears so one-sided it"s painful. If it"s so straightforward for Roy to fight homunculi, the should have actually taken the end Bradley the minute he evidenced he to be a homunculi.

Second, it"s therefore unnecessary. What is the purpose behind this battle? therefore we have the right to go over the "revenge is bad" theme? Unnecessary, since we"ve excellent that. And plainly the fight is presented in a way where the viewer is an alleged to reap Envy"s pain. Shouldn"t Roy"s revenge because that the death of his friend climbing to the position he collection out to or defeating the device that caused Hughes" death? must he yes, really do battle with the details homunculi who eliminated Hughes? Envy was simply a cause man, anyway. Any type of of the other homunculi would have actually done it. It"s no even strong thematically, because Roy need to be over petty revenge favor this at this suggest of the story.

Envy was already defeated. Currently had his large defeat, a much more proper defeat, by physician Marcoh, a when back. Why stroked nerves bringing the back, putting him earlier in peak form, if he"s simply going to gain utterly dominated? It"s an excuse for an action sequence, and also nothing more, and that"s well listed below Arakawa"s creating talents. It"s a lot of bluster and noise to distract the reader/viewer from the truth the story has not moved forward, but has rather halted. We"re this far and not just are the homunculi tho around, yet they actually lugged one earlier when there are still rather they could use. What to be the point of having actually Envy beat earlier if he"s walk to gain the same treatment again?

It"s negative writing, plain and also simple. Bad. Writing. I expect better from Arakawa, from FMA, and so have to you. However I"m guessing the lot of you will simply wave your hand and go, "Oh Mike, why can"t you simply be entertained by just how cool the hit is?"

I can"t. Sorry. It"s stupid. The entirety episode was nice to look at, but I actually felt myself acquire dumber just watching it.

And there"s an ext of this bullshit next week.

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Overall Score: 3 the end of 5

P.S. I realize the viewed hypocrisy of complain nothing was going on and also then complaining as soon as something was, but the Roy fight was only slightly much less wasteful than the eight minutes of the radio bit. Just because one is prettier, doesn"t do it no wasteful. The only reason i was merciful sufficient to give a "3" rating is since of the extremely high manufacturing values of the episode, its conserving grace.