No Kaname and also Sousuke never ever kiss in the anime. Sousuke to be tomuch of an idiot and also never realised just how Kaname felt. And also he nevertold she his feelings.

Actually, Kaname kissed Sousuke in the manga. That was as soon as hetook her the end to his secret fishing spot. What in thing 58 Ithink. =>



When Kaname was kidnapped by Leonard and also Sousuke looks for her she manages to talk to him with the radio and also theyconfess to each other that they love each other, he assures herthat the first moment they room reunited, they"ll kiss. The is inFull steel Panic! Come do My Day, however that as far as I understand isn"tout yet and also idk as soon as theyre gonna make it one anime series...sooohopefully it no be long but theres a season or 2 before come makemy day happens.

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Narutoo!! Sasukeeee!!!

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