Sharks" this by langston carter the work we uncovered the sharks" this was foggy and also cool. Humidity hung in the wait so special you could practically see it sparkling in the dim sunlight. There were days, early on in the summer favor this one, whereby it seemed there was an ext water in the air 보다 in the bay. We had beached the boat and also stepped out on the recently cleared spit that land. The ground had a light dusting the white sand end an under class of dried black color mud. That looked choose a newly frosted coco cake, despite the frosting was spread a bit thin for my taste. The ground to be solid, yet we knew from endure that that was full of fiddler crab holes, and also would be underwater in ~ the first super-high tide. Mysteriously, to united state anyway, someone wanted to develop a house there. We often pertained to these spots to look for artifacts. Ours beach, our summer home, had been a fishing camp for as long as everyone living could remember. The oldest stories told of travelers coming under to the leaf of the sea, lining approximately fill your wagon beds through salted fish come take ago home. Old decaying cabins still lined the beach. Rotting nets, hung out to dried in the last century, decorated their weathered walls. Their damaged faces spun story in ours minds. The anglers who, tanned and wrinkled indigenous sun and also salt, hauled their nets full of splashing mullet in to cheers native the wait crowds. The bounty that the sea lightened everyone"s hearts, and the smell of roasting fish filled the wet air. Women fanned us from wagon seats. Children splashed in the shallow edges of the bay. It to be a scene we had acted out as youngsters, structure an imaginary bridge to a life we would never fully know. Review this sentence indigenous the text: their broken faces spun stories in ours minds. What is the main result of the word faces in this sentence? it create a feeling of despair. It creates the idea of other watching. It suggests the narrator has great fears. It means a feeling of history.

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Drag each brand to the exactly location. Each label deserve to be used more than once. Based on this excerpt from f. Scott fitzgerald"s "bernice bobs she hair," enhance each character v the kind of character facet he or she represents. "you may as well stop do a fool of yourself over warren mcintyre. That doesn"t treatment a snap that his fingers around you." because that a tense moment they regarded each other—marjorie scornful, aloof; bernice astounded, half-angry, half-afraid. Then two cars drove up in former of the house and also there was a riotous honking. Both of lock gasped faintly, turned, and side by side hurried out. All through the bridge party bernice strove in vain come master occurring uneasiness. She had offended marjorie, the sphinx that sphinxes. Through the most wholesome and also innocent intentions in the people she had stolen marjorie"s property. She felt suddenly and horribly guilty. After ~ the leg game, as soon as they satellite in casual circle and the conversation became general, the storm progressively broke. Little otis ormonde inadvertently precipitation it. "when girlfriend going back to kindergarten, otis? " part one had actually asked. "me? day bernice gets she hair bobbed." "then your education"s over," said marjorie quickly. "that"s only a bluff the hers. I have to think you"d have realized." "that a fact? " demanded otis, providing bernice a reproachful glance. "there"s a most bluffs in the world," ongoing marjorie fairly pleasantly. "i need to think you"d it is in young sufficient to recognize that, otis." "well," claimed otis, "maybe so. However gee! through a line like bernice"s—" "really? " yawned marjorie. "what"s her latest bon mot? " no one seemed to know. In fact, bernice, having actually trifled v her muse"s beau, had actually said nothing memorable that late. "was the really every a line? " request roberta curiously. Bernice hesitated. She felt that wit in some type was request of her, yet under her cousin"s all of sudden frigid eyes she was completely incapacitated.
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With this 3 questions ! really need them right! 1. The very first continental conference met in philadelphia ~ above september 5, 1774. Every one of the swarms sent representatives other than georgia. This congress continued in session till october 26, 1774. By then it had actually passed resolutions calling for a boycott versus british trade. The author"s main purpose to be a. To educate b. To sway c. To instruct d. To give an opinion 2. Determine the point of view of each of the following passages. "my 2nd mate to be a round-cheeked, quiet young man, grave beyond his years, i thought; however as our eyes happened to fulfill i recognize a slight quiver on his lips. Ns looked down at once. That was not my component to encourage sneering on plank my ship. It need to be said, too, that ns knew very little of mine officers." (joseph conrad, "the an enig sharer") a. First person b. 3rd person restricted c. 3rd person omniscient d. No one of the above 3. Identify the suggest of watch of each of the following passages. "he had actually only self to in his choice: his fortune was his own; for as to frank, that was an ext than gift tacitly lugged up as his uncle"s heir, that had come to be so avowed an adoption as to have actually him i think the surname of churchill on resulting age. It was many unlikely, therefore, that he should ever before want his father"s assistance. His father had actually no apprehension the it." (jane austen, emma) a. Third person omniscient b. 3rd person restricted c. First person d. No one of the above
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From which fact in Beowulf have the right to the reader infer that beo wolf is honorable?Beowulf refuses to use w...

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A represents a relationship in between two quantities. Select all that apply.A.) EquationB.) Graph C.) FunctionD.) Table...