It can be a good story for the most part when you study the background of the different sewing machine companies. Plenty of of the old brands have actually similarities favor the men behind the an equipment and that was the driving force to acquire those devices to market. Good stories are constantly interesting come read.

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When you desire to day the cost-free Westinghouse sewing maker you have actually a tiny window of virtually 80 years. The devices were made in between 1879 and also 1955 although the early machines were not totally free Westinghouse. In that case, the window narrows to about 35 years.

To learn an ext details about the free Westinghouse sewing device just continue to review our article. It has the info that gets you increase to rate on the machines, their value, and their history.

Free Westinghouse 101
The free Westinghouse Sewing machine History
Dating a totally free Westinghouse SewingMachine
Free Westinghouse Serial Numbers
How lot is a totally free Westinghouse Sewing Machine?
Finding a totally free Westinghouse Sewing machine Manual
Free Westinghouse Sewing an equipment Parts
Free Westinghouse Needles
Some final Words

The cost-free Westinghouse Sewing maker History


Getting a complete list of every the cost-free sewing devices made end the years will be a difficult task to obtain done. There are a couple of places girlfriend can find serial numbers because that the different machines.

One website has a couple of from the new Home Sewing machine Company and also that list goes earlier to 1879. But, complimentary did not begin making new Home sewing devices until 1927 which would certainly only include the bottom 3 present of this list.

Other serial numbers space individual persons only and also how plenty of they apply to is no known. They might not be well-known unless part records have the right to be uncovered somewhere. With the carriers out that existence and also bought by the Japanese, those records can be anywhere.

How lot is a complimentary Westinghouse Sewing Machine?

The original prices are not known. It is for sure to say the the sales prices for the different machines went up end the years but remained affordable. Those initial sales prices would not have any influence end the worth of the devices today.

Some people say that the value of a totally free Westinghouse sewing machine lies between $20 and also $200 depending on a number of factors. Another expert placed the worth at around $300 but that to be for a certain model, the 52F through cabinet. Of course, it was in peak shape to attain that price range.

Antique shops might have higher prices placed on their totally free Westinghouse machines providing them a little leeway when human being want to negotiate. EBay has them because that sale in between $49 and $220.

That offers you one idea of just how much you will certainly pay because that any particular model of the complimentary Westinghouse sewing machine.

Finding a complimentary Westinghouse Sewing machine Manual


These CC1221, 40F1, Sz 16 needles it seems ~ to be the ones the will complement up with at the very least one totally free Westinghouse sewing machine. Castle are discovered at eBay and the seller is asking about $10 because that them.

Then the Thrifty farm yard Girl outlet we attached to in the section immediately above did not list any needles ~ above the web page we were looking at. However it never hurts to ask. Lock may likewise have a name you can go to together your next stop ~ above your search for good free Westinghouse needles.

Some that the free Westinghouse and new Home rotary makers used a special short needle. Girlfriend can uncover some listed at this link. Contact them if friend cannot discover what you require for your sewing machine.

Talk come repairmen who specialize in vintage sewing machines. If friend can’t uncover an old one they may be able to direct to yo a modern compatible alternate that will work-related well in your complimentary Westinghouse sewing machine.

Some last Words

The story of the totally free Westinghouse sewing makers seems to be lacking a the majority of details. Yet that is the way it goes v history. If some civilization do no take an attention in the company and that is origins, then those histories are never ever written or not created well.

Why this firm moved 3 time is unknown in ~ this time and may never ever be known. Its only real insurance claim to call came when it teamed up with Westinghouse and also used its components to make their machines.

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If the company had not done that then it might only have actually been recognized as a footnote in sewing maker history. Merging with national would not have brought it any kind of fame.