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The intake manifold runner manage (IMRC) device plays a an important role in managing engine airflow. It helps boost engine performance and efficiency through the opening and also closing of the butterfly valves in the entry manifold. When a vehicle’s primary computer detects a trouble in this system, one of the trouble codes the may set is the P2006 code.

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Each automaker may have actually a unique and facility IMRC device design, which means that the steps for testing and clearing this trouble password vary in between different makes and models. Below is a guide around code P2006 to give you a an easy understanding that this trouble code.

What walk the P2006 password Mean?

Diagnostic trouble password (DTC) P2006 represents “Intake Manifold Runner manage Stuck closed (Bank 1).” that is logged when the powertrain manage module or PCM directs the IMRC to open, but detects that the IMRC actuator for engine financial institution 1 is stuck in the closed position.

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P2006 is logged once the PCM directs the IMRC come open and also detects that the IMRC actuator for engine bank 1 is stuck in the close up door position.

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