Nothing is worse 보다 sitting in a vehicle that’s stuck in park. The engine is to run fine, yet the shifter simply won’t move. Over there are several things you can shot to obtain your Ford F150 moving now. These encompass checking to watch if the parking brake is stuck, detect the transition lock solenoid override (if applicable), and the shift linkage.

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Let’s obtain straight to it. We’ll begin with things that room easy and quick come remedy (allowing girlfriend to gain moving again). We’ll then relocate onto the much less likely troubles with the hope the you can get your F150 the end of park fast.


Ford F150 stuck in Park Causes

Is that physically difficult to move the gear change into any type of other position? right here are a couple of possibilities that can be causing the problem.

Parking Brake Stuck

Is your F150 parked top top a hill? If so, climate the pressure of gravity might be forcing your transmission to put push on the parking lock in the transmission.

If this is what occurred to her F150, it is great news since it’s pretty simple to fix. This wake up a lot as soon as you don’t usage a parking brake on a hill. The can happen to any type of vehicle, at any type of age or mileage. Acquiring it unstuck can be easy, but additionally a little dangerous since you’ll have to rock the vehicle. The best way to absent it is from the driver’s seat. Just throw your weight around. Continue at your own risk.

What you’re walk to need to do is safely:

revolve the car engine on. Rock the car with your foot turn off the brake. Push the brake down when you have rocked towards the hill a bit. You desire to “catch” it v the brake in ~ the appropriate time. This will certainly take pressure off of the parking lock. Apply light pressure to the shifter. Girlfriend don’t desire to rest the change linkage.

Hopefully that worked. You desire to gain a small pressure turn off of the parking system in the transmission. It’s not supposed to be a brake. That’s why parking brakes aren’t dubbed emergency brakes anymore. For this reason if you carry out rock it, shot and catch your F150 together it roll behind you. As soon as it’s about to rock forward again, hit the brakes and shot to gain it the end of park. Easy right?


Shift Lock Solenoid Failure

The transition lock solenoid is the device that keeps girlfriend from moving out of park without your foot on the brake. The an excellent news is the most shift locks have actually an override button. Friend will require to discover it for your certain model year that F150 (if applicable).

Finding it is typically pretty easy. Simply look at your shifter. There’ll it is in a little plastic cover, you popular music it off and override the shifter lock solenoid. This can gain you earlier on the road in a hurry and also could conserve you from gift stranded.

Here’s a video that’ll show you wherein to find them on many vehicles.

Bad transition Linkage

The transition linkage on her F150 will certainly usually carry out a lifetime of trusted service. But, they can go bad.

If girlfriend are optimistic that the gear shifter is not stuck in park (see directly above), then it’s likely that the shift linkage might be bad. Either something led to it come bend, or it’s starting to come loose. If it’s come loose, the geometry won’t be ideal anymore and also it might keep your F150 stuck in park.

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Conclusion: F150 grounding in Park

There aren’t a lot of of concerns that would reason your Ford F150 to be stuck in park. An excellent luck working v the diagnosis. If there is anything that you would favor to add, you re welcome feel complimentary to leaving a comment below.