The just time the median F-150 or supervisor Duty owner is going to care about their oil dipstick tube, is when it breaks. It"s a simple component to find and to fix, however other factors can make this repair a hassle.

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This article applies to the F-150 (2004-2014) and also the F-250, F-350 super Duty (2005-2014).

Replacing the dipstick tube frequently goes among two ways: It will certainly will one of two people be fairly easy or a significant an obstacle to your mechanical ability, inventiveness, problem solving skills and most definitely your patience. The tube is only organized in with a bolt and an o-ring. If whatever is in good condition, removing that stuff will be easy. If the dipstick pipe is brittle (or broken), then this repair will certainly be difficult. If the bolt holding the dipstick come the the block is rusty or rounded off, this repair will certainly be an ext of a hassle.


Materials NeededSocket setBolt extractorRatchetPliersWD40Easy out Screw Extractor set (if needed)

Step 1 - remove dipstick

Remove the dipstick and also place it away from the truck whereby it will not be damaged.

Step 2 - Unbolt dipstick pipe from block

Figure 1. F-150 Oil Dipstick Diagram

The an initial task is to find the tube (#2 in number 1) and determine whether or no it is sustained by a clip (#1 in figure 1) the is bolted come the exhaust manifold or engine block.

Visualizing the pipe support and bottom of the tube, secured through the o-ring (#3 in number 1), might be very challenging due to other parts in the engine compartment being in the way.

If this is the case, remove the tire and wheel assembly with proper, for sure blocking, and also removal of the inner fender well liner may enable visual and also physical access.

Once the assistance bolt/nut and the bottom that the dipstick tube have been located apply a most anti-corrosive such as WD40 to each location and also give the a the majority of time come penetrate and also eat its means through the corrosion.

Be patient. If this is done the evening before the brand-new tube is come be installed so much the better.

The time invested letting the WD40 do its work-related will conserve you a an excellent deal the frustration and also extra effort.

First ease the assistance and totally remove the bolt/nut offered to close the tube in place so the the tube can be easily moved earlier and forth and left and also right.

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Pro Tip

The above instructions room specifically for the F-150, but the basic process is the same for F-150s, F-250s, petrol engines, and diesel. There will certainly be some distinctions on your specific truck, however it"s fairly easy come "figure it out." you shouldn"t need to disconnect or remove various other parts in order to pull the dip rod tube.

Step 3 - eliminate dipstick pipe from oil pan

At the bottom the the dipstick tube automatically before the enters the oil pan gently tap the pipe to collection up vibrations which will more loosen the corrosion around the tube. Wiggle the tube back and soon while pulling the tube the end of the feet which goes right into the oil pan. If the tube continues to be stuck in the oil pan continue to spray v WD40, wait a duration of time, tap and also pull. Continue this procedure until the pipe is eliminated from the oil pan.

If the pipe is sufficiently corroded and weakened, it might break. If after the tube division there remains enough of the sticking the end of the oil pan, continue the spray, tap and pull making use of pliers or evil grips to organize onto the stub, until the remainder of the dipstick tube is removed. Look at the new tube and see if the piece(s) the the old pipe you have removed look prefer or make up the bottom the the old tube to look prefer the bottom the the brand-new one.

If not enough of the old tube sticks the end of the oil pan to allow a tool to fixed it, a tool referred to as an "Easy-Out" can be supplied to extract the stub.

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Step 4 - Install brand-new dipstick tube

Once every one of the old dipstick tube has been removed, install the new one, replace the bolt/nut securing the bracket, and also tighten in place. The brand-new tube must come with a brand-new O-ring, if it doesn"t, inspect the old one for any type of cracks. If that is worn, to buy a new one and also replace it, they typically go because that an mean of $2.50.