Behind all the glamor and also controversy associated in the sports people is a repertoire of number-crunching businessmen feather to develop a dynasty. And the potential superstars they scout.

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Unfortunately statistical analysis isn"t constantly clear-cut. We"re intrigued to uncover out which athletes came to be the biggest mistakes. And also not simply mega mistakes, yet $100-million mistakes.

Nine zeros makes things just a bit an ext risky.

Let"s see which athletes failed your teams, coaches and fans after ~ signing life-changing, $100-million deals.

Try not to smash any type of screens if viewing this presentation.

15. Jermaine O'Neal, NBA
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Contract: Seven years, $126 million

During his an initial four years in Portland, Jermaine O"Neal to be a single-digit scorer v a sloppy game. Yet after that requested and received a trade to Indiana, O"Neal became a double-double star, eventually getting this mega deal in 2003.

By 2007, O"Neal was averaging 13.6 and 6.7. Solid, however not worth $18 million every year.

He wasn"t pleasure to later hear Isiah cutting board was fired either.

14. Kevin Brown, MLB
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Contract: Seven years, $105 million

A mid-30s pitcher isn"t routinely worth together a price, yet Kevin Brown to be coming turn off a season in i m sorry he perfect 18-7 through a 2.38 ERA. The Dodgers were sold.

The first player in MLB history to authorize a contract over $100 million, Brown is currently remembered much more for taking in cash and also averaging nine wins throughout the seven years than he is for in reality prospering throughout the very first three year of the contract. 

His last two years on the transaction were invested failing through the Yanks, sporting a 4.95 ERA.

13. David Beckham, MLS
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Contract: Five years, $250 million

Including salary and commercial endorsements, the world"s most famed footballer was ready to knife every dissension of the best contract in sporting history.

13 purposes in 88 gamings doesn"t it seems ~ worth over $50 million every year.

And fans haven"t rather fallen for him the way we expected.

12. Albert Pujols, MLB
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Contract: 10 years, $240 million

Whoa, whoa, whoa... A tiny early, no?

Nope, we"ll take any crack we have the right to at the present King of pop (literally), and after signing such a ridiculous contract through every impetus known to man, we meant a bit an ext from Albert Pujols.

11 house runs and also a .259 median won"t cut it.

11. Alex Rodriguez, MLB
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Contract: 10 years, $252 million v the Rangers, 10 years, up to $305 million v the Yankees.

Call this one an in-hindsight choice.

The youngest player ever to struggle 500 home runs and a future hall of Famer, Alex Rodriguez to be signed by the Texas rangers to the most financially rewarding contract in history at the time.

But during the shortstop"s time in Texas, the rangers finished no better than 4th in the AL West.

It would end up being a tenure that featured steroid use and a lack of winning, eventually leading come A-Rod"s move to new York, whereby he go on to success a location in 2009.

The Yanks at some point extended his contract, on December 13 the 2007 to it is in exact. But despite being seemingly the just suitors, the Pinstripes paid number of continents worth of dollars come one man. And also he is quickly less an useful than their captain shortstop.

10. Joe Johnson, NBA
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Contract: Six years, $119 million

Sure he"s a potent scorer on an above-average Atlanta hawks club, yet Joe Johnson isn"t fairly worth an ext than LeBron James, who got a six-year, $110 million during the intensified 2010 free agency period.

18.8 points last year and 18.2 the year prior to won"t justification earning much more money 보다 the reigning MVP.

9. Alfonso Soriano, MLB
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Contract: Eight years, $136 million

Since gift made a rich guy by Cubs brass in 2006, Alfonso Soriano hasn"t disappointed.

But he hasn"t completely impressed either, through an unspectacular .266 average and 146 house runs in 713 games. Not worth the green.

Conclusion: occasional beast through a long swing.

8. Michael Vick, NFL
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Contract: 10 years, $130 million

Leading the Falcons to simply the third division title in franchise background was every Michael Vick essential to convince owner Arthur empty he to be the truth in 2005.

But the 2001 first-overall pick would change from franchise quarterback to worldwide pariah complying with dog-fighting charges.

Matt Ryan to be a solid rebound together the 3rd pick in 2008 out of Boston College.

7. Allan Houston, NBA
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Contract: Six years, $100 million

Fans may verbally tear Isiah thomas to shreds because that the damages he did to the Knicks franchise more often than not, yet the harsh reality is that points weren"t much much better when Scott Layden ran the show. Specifically after Allan Houston was signed come a max contract in 2001.

He play 70 games from 2003-05 and then to let go the final two year while quiet being payment an exorbitant amount.

The NBA eventually offered all teams a opportunity to eliminate their largest contract off the books, and it was perfectly called the "Allan Houston Rule." but the Knicks actually provided it top top Jerome Williams instead.

6. Vernon Wells, MLB
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Contract: 7 years, $126 million

After to win his 3rd straight yellow glove, Vernon Wells gained the expansion every athlete desires of.

Since climate he"s yet to with triple-digit RBI and also even batted .218 last year. And also no Gold glove Awards. Unacceptable.

5. Barry Zito, MLB
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Contract: Seven years, $126 million

After making three All-Star appearances and also winning a Cy Young throughout his 4 seasons in Oakland, southpaw hurler Barry Zito was signed through the passionate Giants.

But across the Bay has been a various story, as Zito has gone 49-66 v a 4.49 ERA. A important solid investment.

4. Gilbert Arenas, NBA
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Contract: Six years, $111 million

In one of the an ext honorable failure stories of every time, Gilbert Arenas took the ironic route and gave ago $16 million the the hefty 2008 offering.

What a champ. Every he"s done because being the male is fight knee issues and also bring guns into the locker room.

He score 4.2 points per video game last season v Memphis.

At $18.5 million every year, he better at the very least be a legend bench warmer.

3. Mike Hampton, MLB
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Contract: Eight years, $121 million

After to win MVP the the 2000 NLCS and helping the Mets reach the ultimate Subway Series, Mike Hampton cashed in on the largest contract in sports history at the time.

During his 2 years in Colorado, Hampton finished 21-28 through a 5.75 ERA. But he go hit 10 residence runs.

2. Rashard Lewis, NBA
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Contract: Six years, $118 million

After scoring a career-high 22.4 points per game throughout the 2006-07 season, athletic tiny forward Rashard Lewis cashed in—big time.

But together Dwight Howard"s sidekick, Lewis" points decreased and also fans began to important realize his lack of defensive prowess (or effort).

From 18.2 points per game throughout the 2007-08 season come 7.8 last year through the Wizards (ironically he to be traded because that Gilbert Arenas), Lewis" autumn has to be quick and painless.

He now finds self on the Hornets through a hefty wallet and a doing not have resume.

1. Albert Haynesworth, NFL
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Contract: Seven years, $100 million

Arguably the most dominant defensive tackle in the league from 2007-2008 (during i beg your pardon time he to be a two-time All-Pro), Albert Haynesworth at some point signed a deal to become the brand-new face of the Redskins.

Naturally injuries and also laziness made this the worst signing in gridiron history.

Twelve gamings started and 6.5 sacks in two seasons, Haynesworth quickly became the common Dan Snyder failure.

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