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You’ll require thirty (30) wings to exploration to customize the break HP Limit ability onto a piece of armor.

And you can earn this in a couple of ways:

Defeating Shinryu in ~ the Monster Arena, Bribing Malboros and an excellent Malboros, or by clearing the Remiem holy place Chocobo race with 3 chests collected.

Wings to discovery Farming because that Break HP Limit

The many reliable way to get an ext Wings to exploration is by farming Shinryu, that is unlocked at the Monster Area after recording two that every underwater enemy on mount Gagazet.

Shinryu is a large underwater dragon dude, and needs come be dealt with with Tidus, Wakka, and also Rikku – the just party members who can battle while submerged.

But Shinryu isn’t too challenging if she adequately leveled.

It can be slow-going, because you only get two wings to discovery per fight, however this is tho the easiest means to stack sufficient for rest HP Limit.

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Malboros and great Malboros also have wings to Discovery, however require payment – and also they aren’t cheap.

You can get four Wings from a Malboro by bribing them with 540,000 gil.

Or girlfriend can gain eight wing from a good Malboro with a bribe the 1,280,000 gil.

It no cheap, but if you have lots the gil (and worth your time much more than your money), this is a quick means to earn your wings.

An straightforward 30 wing can also be earn by perfect the Remiem holy place chocobo race with 3 chests collected.

This no a an overwhelming task. After a few tries, you’ll gain it.

The fence is that this is a one-time prize and also you’ll be ago to fighting Shinryu or bribing Malboros if you desire to customize rest HP Limit an ext than once.

Break HP limit Armor Drops

If you’re already super an effective and want a rapid track to rest HP border items without customizing them yourself, you have the right to go and defeat Nemesis.

This is the final Monster Arena superboss unlocked by recording ten of every monster, and also then beating every other original Monster Arena creation.

Nemesis no easy, no by a long shot.

But beating it earns you a random piece of armor through Break HP Limit currently slotted onto it.

Break HP border Purpose

Break HP Limit enables a personality to go beyond the common HP cap of 9999, prolonging it all the method to 99999.

That’s a pretty comprehensive number – and there are just a few enemies with attacks that can hit the cap.

This means your survivability will go through the roof.

And above all else, it just looks so cool to watch such big numbers in your HP pool.

So break HP limit is at sight useful. But there are a lot of of barriers to entry.

And when you ultimately have that on your armor, you’ll need to tackle the next issue:

Upgrading every your sphere grid’s HP Nodes so you have the right to be together close come 99999 together possible. However that’s another problem entirely!

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