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Peter harms His Knee is a parody and also remix collection based on a clip of the personality Peter Griffin indigenous Family Guy fallout’s on a sidewalk and writhing in agony while holding his hurt knee.


On July 25th, 2000, Season 2 illustration 20 of Family Guy titled "Wasted Talent" to be released, in which Griffin is presented running house with a concealed scroll and trips, injuring his knee, causing him to dual over in pain and wince for 30 seconds (shown below).<1>


On October 18th, 2009, YouTuber weirdovideoz uploaded a clip of a man imitating the scene followed by a screen record of Griffin holding his knee (shown below). Within nine years, the video gained end 426,000 views and 600 comments.

On march 4th, 2012, YouTuber WwieWolff posted a parody of the scene featuring one AT-AT indigenous Star Wars (shown below, left). On April 30th, a remix that the scene to be uploaded by YouTuber SMNBA25, featuring the audio of Griffin dubbed over a skilled basketball game (shown below, right).

On June 24th, 2017, YouTuber ItsEasyBro uploaded a remix called with the song "Fireflies" by Owl City (shown below).

On march 4th, 2018, Twitter user
vappywave post an edited version of the scene with graphics from the video game Crash Bandicoot (shown below).

— happy dragon (
saltykdan uploaded a remix that the scene called with a YouTube testimonial of the citizens King Foot Lettuce image (shown below). Within 48 hours, the tweet acquired over 98,700 likes and also 37,400 retweets.

hello yes i am a professional video editor

— Saltydkdan (
saltydkdan) in march 5, 2018

The complying with day, the Dolan Darkest YouTuber channel uploaded an edited variation of the video clip dubbed through music indigenous the Vsauce YouTube series (shown below).




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