Perhaps you have heard that the Legendary Deathclaw from Red Lucy, the shrewd businesswoman that runs “The Thorn” in ~ Westside. Fighting in arena that The Thorn may be fun and also profitable, however it doesn"t take lengthy for the Courier and Red Lucy to realize that The Thorn can be even more fun and financially rewarding for both the Courier and Red Lucy through a little adventuresome effort.


New vegas Legendary Deathclaw

Red Lucy will make the “Bleed Me Dry” quest easily accessible to the Courier, in which that is crucial to conference the eggs of assorted wasteland animals, insects, and also mutated creatures come sustain and enhance The Thorn. The pursuit culminates in a mission to find and also retrieve Deathclaw eggs. Sounds dangerous, right? Wrong! the is exceptionally dangerous, yet so precious it (for reasons we"ll learn later).

These eggs might be uncovered either in Quarry Junction or by going come Dead Wind Cavern. If the Courier choose to seek the egg in Dead Wind Cavern, over there is no way to success the prey without facing the Legendary Deathclaw, which has the 3rd highest hit points in Fallout: brand-new Vegas.


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In fallout 1 and 2, girlfriend may have actually encountered a mom Deathclaw. You may have decided to kill it. In fact, you might have also encountered talk Deathclaws, the most famed of which to be a feasible Companion called Goris. In every one of the Fallout gamings the Deathclaws space formidable and also deadly opponents, frequently attacking in huge packs.

The Legendary Deathclaw is the master of a load of 2 young deathclaws, in between four and seven adult deathclaws, and a Deathclaw Mother. The Courier needs to challenge these or sneak previous them before encountering the legendary Deathclaw. Death them is probably best, as they will still be blocking the exit also if the legendary Deathclaw is killed.

There space a few schools that thought about killing the legendary Deathclaw itself. One is to approach it through a companion the you wouldn"t mind shedding (I personally uncover that i don"t mind shedding Boone ~ a brief time that travelling v him). The Courier would then permit Boone (or another companion) to offer as a distraction because that the legendary Deathclaw while setting up a shot v a Fatman, lining up part strikes with Nuka Grenades in V.A.T.S., or setup up a comparable devastating attack.

The Anti-material Rifle has proven effectiveness against Deathclaws, and a an effective variant is obtainable in the add-on gun Runners" Arsenal. The Anti-material Rifle has been well-known to reason a one-hit kill through a sneak attack an important head shot!


Another strategy is to get in Dead Wind Cavern in sneak setting with no companions. A couple of stealthboys would certainly be helpful. Then get as nearby as possible to the legendary Deathclaw without being detected, deploy numerous mines, sneak ago to a safe distance, and fire in ~ the mines through a missile launcher or Fatman resulting in an Earth-shattering explosion. Psychic to execute this indigenous a “safe” distance.

As always, my an individual favourite method is what I think about to be the most artful. In a sheep of poetic justice, I like to equip a Deathclaw Gauntlet, sneak as much as the legend Deathclaw, and use one of two people ”Paralyzing Palm“ or “Ranger Takedown” to stun the beast. Then use your many gruesome strike to pulverize the legendary Deathclaw while that is vulnerable.


Completing the quest “Bleed Me Dry” is well worth the effort. In enhancement to the prey in the cave, which consists of Deathclaw Eggs, T-45d power Armor, a T-45d strength Helmet, a mix that normal and also incendiary 40mm grenades, and also “Mercy,” a unique 40mm automatic fast fire grenade launcher designed for use versus Chinese Hei-Gui commandos, you acquire to sleep through Red Lucy when you return to the Thorn.

“Your courage surpasses the of any other, and I"ve come to admire your actions. Before death take away us, ns would know you deeper. Come v me... My Hunter.” - Red Lucy

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This is waaay better than a ghoul pr0stitute for sure (like the ghoul and also supermutant prostitute in Quincy in Fallout: Tactics), wouldn"t friend say?


Legendary Deathclaw base ID = 167eff


And that"s every we"ve obtained on legend Deathclaw. That"s it because that today, wastelanders! continue to be tuned for an ext Fallout Facts comes up soon... Sooner than you think. Coming up next: the legend Deathclaw.