Craterside Supply… you’d better get used to this place, especially if you’ve got a residence in Megaton. You’ll most likely be purchase a few things from Moira, but much more importantly, she’ll provide us a length collection of searches which will take united state far and wide. These pursuits are break-up into three groups of three, which should be completed prior to the following three deserve to begin. We’ll settle for act the very first four quests right now, which will offer us an excuse to discover certain financially rewarding areas (and all the areas approximately along the method to said financially rewarding areas!) throughout this, we’ll score some sweet loot, level up, and also generally execute those common RPG things that us all love so much.

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1) study Assistant - (Megaton - Craterside Supply)

Schematic - Rock-It Launcher (Moira Brown)

Talk come Moira Brown and also she’ll ask friend to create the front to she book. Ask about the vault suit and also she’ll market it up if you help her with her book. Provide her a forward and she’ll give you the Armored Vault 101 Jumpsuit, then she’ll ask friend to aid with research. By every means, aid her. It’s among the most affiliated quests in the game, and if you carry out well, it offers you one of the ideal perks the end there. You’ll have three searches to select from at this point, to gain food, to handle radiation sickness, or to play through landmines. The radiation one is by much the easiest, as it doesn’t also require girlfriend to leave Megaton. Of course, if girlfriend don’t desire to spend the effort… you know… playing the game… you have the right to talk Moira the end of she crazy idea and get the Dream Crusher perk. This is in every way inferior to the perks you’d obtain otherwise, and it doesn’t give me the forgive we’re looking for to explore an ext areas, so… Let’s provide Moira a hand.


All you need to do because that Moira’s first task is record some Rads, which is pretty basic in fallout 3. Drink some irradiated water, courtesy the Megaton’s residents warhead (left), and when girlfriend hit 600 Rads, you’ll be good to bright (right).

2) Glowing, because that Science!

You’ll it is in asked to get enough radiation to endure from radiation sickness, 200 Rads to be precise… however if you desire the an excellent perk at the end, you’ll have to go over and beyond for Moira, and get yourself 600 Rads. Head outside, stand in the irradiated water near the bomb and drink up. You’ll obtain 18 Rads a drink, as well as 2 Rads/second because that being in the water. As soon as you acquire 600 Rads, head ago up come Moira.

Another tiny rub around “The Wasteland survive Guide” quests: after perfect each quest you’ll have to go ago to Moira and give her a short report around it (which is what we’re doing right now). Completing optional goals will ensure you gain a remarkable perk when this is every over, yet what, exactly, you say in this reports determines the benefits the perk will offer you. The most helpful bonuses deserve to be obtained by picking snarky/sarcastic/snide comments (which will an outcome in you obtaining a bonus to crucial Hit Chance when this is every over) or acting challenging (which will bestow damage resistance). The latter method often requires greater Strength or Endurance than my personality has, yet there’s a solution-pop a Buffout prior to talking come Moira and you should gain the options you’re looking for. Everything you do, however, never ever to Moira. This will certainly ensure you get the crappiest variation of the post-quest perk.

Anywho, Moira will eliminate all your Rads and also you’ll acquire the Rad Regeneration perk and some meds.

3) Super-Duper Scavenging

Now that’s done, asking her around gathering food. Appears she wants you to go under to the Super-Duper Mart and see what you can scavenge. For the finest perk at the end of the quest, girlfriend must likewise find medicine in the Super-Duper Mart. So, allows head come the Super-Duper Mart! and also explore the surrounding locations while we’re at it.

4) Foreign publications in the Ruins

Book - Chinese Army: Spec. Ops. Training Manual

Super-Duper Mart will be significant on her map, and is due east of Megaton.. If you were errant in your pilgrimage to Rivet City, you can have already found it. If you passed through the drain Waystation, friend were definitely in vision of it. ~ above route, if you check out a water tower look approximately for a rusty silo. Head end to the silo and also look because that a damaged house phibìc of the silo. Inside the house on a bookshelf is a Chinese Army: Spec. Ops . Maintain Manual, and some various other loot scattered about. As soon as you’re done, proceed on to Super-Duper Mart.

5) Sam Warrick

Now that we’re out an about around Megaton you might find a male wandering around by the name of Sam Warrick. He is not your friend, and also will shoot at you with a Sniper Rifle should he discover you. He’s no hard, just run up and also kill him when you uncover him. It’s entirely possible you may have discovered him about Megaton top top your means to Rivet City, or also on your very first trip to Megaton! If that’s the case, kill him and also be one Sniper Rifle richer. If girlfriend don’t find him… don’t sweat it, he’s nice random.

Note: Weapon info (Sniper Rifle):

The Sniper Rifle is a kind long-ranged weapon, and it filling a niche that couple of guns are capable of contending for. They do good damage, however their reload is unbearably slow, and frankly, they’re simply unreliable long-ranged weapons.


Raider initiation typically follows the time-honored legacy of hitting the new guy through sticks (left). Being thorough and also searching about can productivity worthwhile rewards (right).

6) bridge Shelter

Book - Duck and Cover!

Time for another detour before we reach Super-Duper Mart. Indigenous the front parking the majority of Super-Duper Mart head phibìc to the river, or an ext specifically a small bridge to run over the river. Go down under the bridge and follow it to the the opposite bank. You’ll discover a little shelter built under the bridge through a shopping cart and also a ‘Do no Enter’ authorize in front. Disarm the landmine on the floor behind the cart (this could be less complicated if girlfriend physicall manipulate the cart and move it the end of the way.) You’ll discover some grenades and, most importantly, a Duck and Cover! book. Additionally note the bed for your resting pleasure, need to you have to heal any.

7) Parking lot of Raider Initiation

Outside that Super-Duper Mart you’ll find a arbitrarily encounter. Typically it’s the “Raider Initiation” encounter… It’s not rather so “random” of one encounter when it seems to happen here therefore dependably, but since it can happen randomly elsewhere… anyways, numerous of them have melee weapons, however a few have guns, so you shouldn’t run right into the special of them. Take it a shot (or a few shots) at them to obtain their attention and also slink roughly the corner. Use a power Fist to nab them when they chase you. Once you’re they’re all dead and also looted head inside Super-Duper Mart. Don’t it is in squeamish about heading earlier to town to stash or sell your well-won Raider loot.

Note: Weapon details (Brass Knuckles):

Like the Spiked Knuckles, but an ext brassy, and also less… spikey? They’re weaker 보다 Spiked Knuckles, but otherwise perform identically. They’re therefore close, in fact, that you have the right to use the worse Brass Knuckles to fix the remarkable Spiked Knuckles. Every little thing has a purpose. Other than Chinese Pistols. Those simply suck.

Better than whacking points with her fists, Spiked Knuckles augment her unarmed damage. They’re fast, strong, and with Iron Fist , even stronger!

Its damages is comparable to a Switchblade, yet it’s very, very slow, even slower than a Baseball Bat. Because it’s weaker and slower 보다 a Baseball Bat, and also much slower than a Switchblade there’s very small to introduce this as a melee weapon.

Surprisingly it’s not lot stronger than the humble Baseball Bat, and also slower ~ above the swing. Still, if girlfriend really require that Oblivion nostalgia, this is the next best thing to in reality popping that game in.

8) Super-Duper Slaying (Super-Duper Mart)

This location is crawling through Raiders, so you could want to it is in sneaky. Clear the Raiders out yet you wish and also be sure to booty around, saving the earlier of the keep for last. It is in warned the these are few of the tougher Raiders the end there, they’ll have an excellent weapons, like assault Rifles, 10mm Submachine Guns, and Combat Shotguns… friend shouldn’t it is in expecting a bunch that bums v Nail Boards and also Hunting Rifles. Don’t check out the south-west edge of the store just yet.

Note: Weapon information (Assault Rifle):

The assault Rifle is an median mid-to-short variety gun that is finest fired in bursts, as holding down the cause for full auto will reason it to become woefully inaccurate. It does great damage, and also it can really cause some ache in V.A.T.S. Still, it’s inferior to the Chinese assault Rifle, for this reason you have to save the 5.56mm ammo for the latter, instead.

While that does respectable damage, it just stores two rounds prior to you need to reload. This and also the fact that it costs a good bit of activity Points come fire that in V.A.T.S. Makes it a considerably less helpful weapon 보다 it could be. It is totally out-classed by the Combat Shotgun.

A semi-auto shotgun that has a respectable clip size, deals good damage, and also has a much longer effective range than you can expect (especially as soon as making sneak attacks). There room a couple of downsides, however-it’s durability is fairly poor, therefore you’ll need to repair it frequently. Still, it’s not everywhere near as expensive as power Weapons. Among the ideal common guns in the game.

9) detect Food

You can uncover what you’re trying to find either in the closed turn off area in the front corner of the save opposite the bathrooms or in the back, both that which are fridges labeling “Food Storage”. Prey them and also eep looking, friend still have medicine come find. Additionally of keep in mind are the 2 Laser Pistols and two Stimpaks in the former of the store. When you’re prepared go v the door in the back.

10) looking for Medicine

Book - story of a Junktown Jerky Vendor

Go previous the door to your left first, and also go right. Prey the area, if friend don’t have a 25 Science or a 50 Lockpick , choose up the Super-Duper Pharmacy crucial in the metal crate, if you do have enough Science / Lockpick , might as well get the experience, right? Head ago through the neglected doorway and also grab the miscellaneous loot strewn about, including the Tales the a Junktown Jerky Vendor . One of two people hack the computer and also unlock the door , or pick the lock and head right into the backroom. Some Raiders will certainly come on the intercom and smell other fishy. Once you come out, the store will be repopulated with Raiders. Currently to define hacking…


The word LOOTING-a feasible password for the console-is emphasize (left). Fastened brackets may remove duds or replenish entrance attempts (right).

It’s really fairly simple, you pick a word, and also if any type of of the letters in the word enhance the letter location on the yes, really password, it’ll phone call you. Speak you pick the word “CONTENT”, and you’re informed that 1/7 the the letters are correct… well, the doesn’t aid you out too much, yet even the should remove a few words. Speak you additionally had the word “BARRENS” in the list as a feasible password-from the info you got earlier by picking “CONTENTS”, you know “BARRENS” isn’t a possible answer. Friend should shot to pick common prefixes or suffixes as soon as password hunting. If you pick a word that ends in “-TION”, and also you don’t obtain at least four correct letters, you have the right to safely get rid of all words ending in “-TION”… climate again, recognize a really uncommon word through no suffixes/prefixes can help, too. If you choose a word and get zero correct letters, you can remove every other password the shares a letter placement.

After making use of up her initial guesses, don’t fret-you still have actually options. Transparent the garbled rash between feasible passwords you’ll often find brackets. Once two such brackets top top the very same line enclose about random symbols, you’ll be able to highlight them. Choosing them will do one of two things-eliminate a dud password, or, much less commonly, replenish her guesses. So, the routine is simple-guess passwords that can give girlfriend a good clue, once you struggle one guess, search for enclosed brackets on the exact same line: (), <> or .

If you’re ever virtually out the guesses and you don’t have actually any more brackets to use, just provide up and also log out. The password will change, yet you’ll get all your guesses back. It’s better to shot again than it is to acquire locked out of a computer system for good. And also of course, there’s always save/load. Never gain locked the end of a computer!!

11) The Pharmacy

Once inside, loot roughly the place. Friend really desire the Mini-Nuke, and the Nuke-Cola Quantums, and the meds, and, and, and everything! Take all you have the right to carry and also open the Pharmacy provides on the wall. Now that you have actually all Moira wants, all that’s left is come sneak out.. If you desire to distract the negative guys outside, take the Office Employee identifier on height of the computer and hack the automatically maintenence console . This will start the Protectron in the pod, who will go approximately the save bothering the Raiders. He will certainly last every one of two seconds, however it can be sufficient distraction to obtain away, or to kill the Raiders.

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12) return to Moira

Now it’s time to return to Moira. Again, if you should pop some drugs to obtain your characteristics high enough to prize Moira the way you desire to, carry out so. She’ll provide you a Food Sanitizer, which renders your food offer you less Rads once you eat it… but since you have a bed, you have the right to sleep for totally free and not gain any kind of Rads. Why carry around the 7 pound hunk that junk? Stash it and also ask for your following assignment. Now she desires you to walk to Minefield, a supposedly haunted town. Her task? with a playground in the center of town and also return v a disarmed mine. Minefield is come the north eastern of Megaton, and also it could just be your furthest expedition afield yet.