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Felt like a lot of this episode was just dragging. The Lamy stuff was shit.Natsu and the twin scrubs vs Mard Geer was alright. Despite not being able to scratch him later Natsu"s attacks will probably start doing damage later.Great to finally hear Acnologia"s voice. For some reason I had imagined it being deeper. Oh well.The reveal at the end was cool. Lumen Histore is actually a naked loli. No wonder Macarov is trying to keep it a secret. He obviously wants that naked loli goodness all for himself!


I LOVED all the Lisanna goodness we got! :D A lot of it was in the manga, but the added bits like bowling with Elfman and biting that one Lamy were frickin" amazingly good too! Thank you for the extension anime makers! :D
The start and end of the episode were good but everything in the middle was really meh. Thank god they finished the Lamy shit, I hated whenever it would come up. cmon now that all that extra crap is out of the way, it"s time for some more action pls!
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A great episode, Igneel really holding his own with Acnologia and Acnologia finally talks, shows what kind of respect he has gained for Igneel.Natsu is such a bonehead, he won"t accept Sting and Rogue"s help, but they trick him into letting them help him anyway. Oh Natsu, you are going to need all the help you can get to beat Mard Geer.Speaking of manipulation, I think Levy did that Gajeel here, trying to carry Laxus, it was all her plan so Gajeel would carry him which is what they wanted all along. And I thought the song Gajeel made for Levy was sweet and funny.All those Lammys are still scary, and poor Warren is self esteem took a hit. And Lisanna got her ass handed to her by one Lammy, yet now she is beating up a bunch of them, took about instant improvement. So for an episode named The Girl in the Crystal, we don"t see said girl till the very end. Lumia Historia is here, and it is master Mavis naked in a crystal. OMG.Next week, the worst person in the series and that includes Zeref and Acnologia makes an appearance. He is even worse than the ex chairman.