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Unfortunately, you deserve to no longer accessibility the chest in the room of Fate, unless you have Fable II: limited Edition.

In the beginning, you had actually to complete the puppet present at, however the business has because been discontinued, thus you cannot open the chest. Lock announced this v the following message "Unfortunately, after nearly four years it was time for us to close down the Fable II chest in the room of Fate"Now v Fable II restricted Edition, if friend do have the minimal edition you deserve to opened as soon as you reach the Guild. Native what I have read on the web, this addition is the only means to open the chest now, though there may be a way to obtain the items in ~ the chest through downloadable content.
All you have to do because that this cheat is to have actually three abilities and have a mate through you no from xbox live just a regular partner and have him or her walk to ability stok and also take away the abilities from your partner departure it and the abilities go to an initial player and keep on law it!