What is irony, very first of all? Irony is speak the opposite of what one actually method by making use of words. Miller has a sarcastic tone in The Crucible. This sound has to do v humor when we refer to each other. Sarcasm means reproach or sarcastic criticism. The factor Miller writes in such basic humor is because he requirements the leader to check out it and also know it. The explanation Miller to write in such straightforward cases of humor is because he demands the listener to view it and also know something. Most of the humor situations are since it reveals that the personalities in the novel are nearly always dishonest and have no genuine proof.

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There are plenty of examples that irony in the Crucible. The an interpretation of irony is- events that room or it seems ~ deliberately the contrary of what someone expects or wants and also is generally funny as a an outcome of it. A few examples are once everyone to be lying around other people being witches or practicing witchcraft as soon as everyone knew the those human being weren’t witches or involved with witchcraft. So late in the third act, Elizibeth lies around John’s adultery simply to protect his reputation. Both Elizbeth and John were very respected in the Salem community. They were captured lying and committing adultery. So together a result, Elizbeth lied to safeguard John.

Miller offers irony to develop tension in vital scenes in The Crucible. The use of irony is to develop tension for the readers. Elizbeth is recognized for gift honest and also holds honesty come a high standard. That was unexpected that she would certainly lie. As soon as Elizbeth lies to safeguard John, she didn’t understand he already admitted come committing adultery. As soon as Hale forced John to recite the ten commandments. Man couldn’t name adultery. That ironic in the end because he had an affair through Abigail and also Elizbeth lying to defend him. Adultery to be handled an extremely harshly ago then. The most simple form or irony in the Crucible is when John to be asked to recite the ten commandments come prove that he to be a true Christan. That is able to get nine the them. He cannot, for whatever reason, recite adultery. Whether the was due to the fact that he forgot or whatever. He, not lot later, commits the very same sin or law, but you want to look in ~ it.

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In conclusion, Miller added irony into The Crucible for plenty of reasons. If girlfriend look hard sufficient you deserve to find numerous examples that it. He created it in a method to present that appearances can be deceiving. Using verbal irony to develop confusion and also situational to include tension in between characters. Perhaps he wanted the readers to know that to see through people and what lock say, girlfriend must challenge reality head on.