The Greek tragedy the Oedipus Rex has many examples that irony. Over there is one irony transparent the play, that is the tragedy that Oedipus’s fate. He is torture by the continuous twist that his very own fate. The pat shows examples of three types of irony, verbal irony, situational irony, and dramatic irony, every one of which cause Oedipus causing his own loss the sight.

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Verbal irony is the usage of native to typical something different from what they seem to mean and it is displayed in Oedipus’s words and also Iocaste’s speeches. There is irony in Oedipus saying he ran away from his parental to protect against the prophecy that he will certainly kill his father and also marry his mother. The does not know that he is embraced and his parents room Laius and also Iocaste. He additionally mocks Taurasis for being blind but Oedipus is also blind to the truth of his own doings. Iocaste claims to Oedipus “Have no are afraid of resting with your mother when it was told the Oedipus’s adopted father has actually passed away and Iocaste believes that Oedipus would have actually been committing incest with his mother however she is additionally his wife. Iocaste is established the fatality of Oedipus’s dad is great news and also says “Yet this news of your father’s death is wonderful. She currently believes the she is not in any kind of danger that upsetting the gods and her husband is not her son yet to her the he is in truth her husband. The ironic the Iocaste think it’s wonderful the Oedipus’s father passed away but it is her husband that passed away due to Oedipus.

The situational irony, the difference between what you intend to happen and what actually happens, additionally plays a part in the story. Oedipus mocks Tariusis for no having any sight, yet Tariusis is a prophet. He has insight while Oedipus lacks the capability to have insight. The greatest example of situational irony in the beat is Oedipus do the efforts to avoid the prophecy the he will kill his father and marry his mother. In his attempt to prevent the prophecy leads to him killing his father and marrying his mother.

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There are countless examples that dramatic (tragic) irony in the play together well. This is when there is a surprise that will certainly hurt the character and the reader or an additional character knows around it. Examples incorporate Oedipus not knowing that he eliminated his own father and not learning he marries his very own mother and also has four youngsters with her.

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