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It’s no mystery that I like quotes. Because converting my facebook profile come a facebook page, I’ve gotten into the habit of sharing a “quote of the day.” If mine calculations room correct, I’ve to be sharing price quotes of the day because that over 80 job now. Together you’ll notice that I likewise have a price quotes category, I’ve common a variety of quotes below on this site, too. And also if ns think ago to the work of aim (AOL prompt Manager), I often had estimates as mine “away” message. And even before then, ns remember yes, really liking quotes in high school and in elementary (or grade) school. So, like I said, it’s no secret that I favor quotes.

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As friend may have actually noticed, the title of this write-up is a quote. I’ve viewed this quote in many places — many recently, top top a Harvard company Review comment:

Failure is hardly ever fatal or final. Ns loved the line in The finest Exotic Marigold Hotel movie. “It will certainly be alright in the end and also if the is not alright, the is no the end.”

Some may quibble over the word “alright” vs. The word “OK,” but the essence of the quote is the same. After seeing it there, i felt urged to discover the original author. No that ns was plan on digging with reams the archives in ~ an historic library, but just that I believed with some Google-sleuthing, I’d have the ability to figure it out. It’s a quote the I often see unattributed and also I assumed to myself that someone had to have actually said the at part point, right? ns did something choose this around 18 months ago, when I composed a post about a an excellent quote being often incorrectly attributed to Howard Whitman — as soon as in reality it was talked by Howard Thurman.

So, after part Google-sleuthing, I concerned a Wikipedia web page for Fernando Sabino, that was a Brazilian writer. Top top that web page were a few quotes, among which read:

“No fim, tudo dá certo. Se não deu, ainda não chegou ao fim.”

The translation follows:

“In the end, everything will it is in ok. If it’s no ok, it’s no yet the end.”

Having seen exactly how incorrect Wikipedia have the right to be sometimes (pranksters, of course), I assumed I’d wait because that a while before being sure that this was correct.  And then i thought, this Wikipedia page more than likely isn’t visited nearly as frequently as The Hunger games page, for this reason I thought I could trust it. So, i plugged the same Portuguese from the page right into Google analyze (just to see if it to be the same), and I acquired a comparable quote come the English that shows up on the page.

My following step was to view if I can find this quote attributed to him in other places on the Internet. Since this quote is often unattributed, this take it a bit much more time. As soon as I noticed ns was hitting a little of a roadblock, I thought I’d see if I can find other pages on the internet of Sabino — and I did! I found a Facebook page for him. While it doesn’t take “too” much initiative to develop a facebook page, i noticed that there were virtually 2000 likes and that the page has been around for 3+ years. I noticed that the quote was additionally on the facebook page. And also next to the quote was this:

– Fonte: “No fim dá certo”

When i plugged this into Google Translate, the said, “- Source: “In the end it works.” So, currently I had a source! In in search of that source in English, i didn’t have actually much luck, therefore I offered the Portuguese. One of the very first Google outcomes was a book! The publication was also obtainable on Google Books, (but ns couldn’t see really much of it, so looking the book for the quote was difficult). Not to point out that ns don’t speak Portuguese and sometimes, when you look because that words top top Google Books, castle don’t constantly show together being over there (even despite they room there).

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It’s still quite possible that I dropped victim come some type of hoax (not as sophisticated as Lance Armstrong or Manti T’eo, though). I am relatively confident (at least 90%) that Fernando Sabino is the original writer of this quote.