Pretty little Liars: Ranking every one of Emily's Girlfriends Emily fields is among the ideal characters in Pretty little Liars, but how execute you rate her love life? now we"re ranking each of her girlfriends.

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Emily fields is one of the best characters on Pretty small Liars and the just one the end of the main cast who to be openly a lesbian. Her character arc adhered to her coming the end storyline, and also she had several various relationships through women throughout all seven seasons of the show.

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PLL pan still controversy who the finest couples in the series were, and there room a many of people who like to argue about which of Emily"s girlfriends she need to have ended up through at the end. The following list ranks every one of Emily"s girlfriends indigenous worst come best.

Emily and also Sara Harvey were arguably one of the worst couples ~ above the background of Pretty small Liars. Sara was incredibly sketchy indigenous the an extremely beginning, and also she was component of the A-team. Not only that, but the girl eventually found that Sara to be both Red Coat and also the black Widow, not to mention the fact that Sara worked very closely with Charlotte.

She and Emily"s fling was, thankfully, short-lived. It began and ended in a issue of episodes. They walk from being friends to being opponents within one season six story arc. Emily might not have actually trusted Sara after everything she did, even if she did have genuine feelings because that Emily, it would never have actually worked. There was method too much dark background between Sara and the liars.

6 Talia Sandoval

Talia Sandoval was presented to the collection in season five as a cook at The Brew. In ~ first, she and Emily didn"t gain along, but eventually, they started to bond, and Talia even revealed she had feelings for Emily. It seemed favor the two would be a cute new pairing till Emily uncovered the reality of Talia"s personal life. It turns out, Talia had been married the entire time however claimed she and also her husband had actually drifted apart and no longer loved each other.

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When Emily meets Talia"s husband, Eric Mendoza, he cases he"s okay through his mam "experimenting." Rightfully offended through the method he witnessed their relationship and also Talia"s plenty of lies, Emily determined to break things off v her, and also she departed the collection shortly after.

Sabrina was a minor character in the grand plan of things. The character, played by Lulu Brud, didn"t also have a last name. Still, she and Emily dated because that a short duration during the an initial half that season seven. She was the manager at The Brew.

At first, Emily only acquired to recognize Sabrina since she was claimed to distract she so the Aria can steal a key. Unfortunately, Sabrina was one of the few sane civilization in the collection who didn"t desire to be with someone continually lying and also keeping secrets. There was nothing wrong through her, but she couldn"t keep up through the craziness the Emily"s life.

4 Paige McCullers

Paige McCullers and also Emily areas were among the most popular couples in the series. Pan affectionately called the pairing "Paily," and they frequently went head-to-head v "Emison" fans. Unfortunately, among the biggest problems with this connection is the Paige when tried to drown Emily. Your relationship began as a compete rivalry that got to a breaking suggest when Paige lashed the end violently.

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Emily already had one abusive encounter through her ex-boyfriend, Ben. The last thing she essential was to get associated with someone that would mistreat her. Paige go evolve and grow together a person, yet she became possessive the Emily. As soon as they to be together, they had ongoing to trust issues, often revolving approximately Alison Dilaurentis. Overall, the two just weren"t a good match. The doesn"t assist that they damaged up and also got earlier together again a complete of five times transparent the series.

Claire Holt guest-starred for five episodes as Samara Cook, the president of Rosewood High School"s Gay-Straight Alliance club. Emily to be initially drawn to Samara because she was the end in public, uneven Paige. The two started dating, and everything was an excellent for a time till Samara called Emily she didn"t desire to be exclusive.

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Then, unfortunately, their relationship dropped prey to one of A"s many games. A forced Emily to gain one the Samara"s friend"s call numbers, and she couldn"t call Samara the truth about why she asked. Instead, it looked like Emily was flirting with her friend. It finished their relationship, and also Claire Holt exited the present not long after.

2 Alison Dilaurentis

Alison Dilaurentis and also Emily Fields, a.k.a. Emison was among the flagship relationship in the series. Aria had Ezra, Spencer had Toby, Hanna had actually Caleb, and also Emily had actually Alison. Yet unfortunately because that Emily, lastly settling right into a connection with Alison was very complicated. Because that years, Alison cure Emily poorly, emotionally manipulated her, and played through her feelings.

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It wasn"t till Alison underwent some significant character advancement and came to terms with her bisexuality the she and Emily to be able to acquire into an emotionally steady relationship. They also got married and had kids, return the kids were born the end of devastating circumstances. Fans did obtain to view them happy with each other for a while, yet sadly, the spin-off collection The Perfectionists damaged them increase again. However, because Freeform canceled The Perfectionists, most people ignore that and pretend that Emison live happily ever after.

Maya St. Germain to be Emily"s very first real girlfriend. She and Maya begin to flirt the minute they met, even though Emily was still struggling to involved terms through her sexuality. Unfortunately, Maya was sent away come a rehab camp by her parents after ~ Emily"s mommy told them about her marijuana usage. Once Maya come back, she and Emily started a actual relationship, return Emily struggled v some biphobia.

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Eventually, they acquired on the exact same page, and they were an extremely sweet together. It to be an unfortunately decision on the showrunner"s component to utilize the "Bury her Gays" trope and also kill Maya turn off so beforehand in the series, mainly because she was killed by a stalker ex-boyfriend and also tortured in the process. Countless fans space still bitter around the choice to death her off, specifically in such a violent manner.

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