physics and also chemistry
the 2 key branches of science
technolgycan ideal be characterized as used science
Pure sciencecontinuing search for brand-new knowledge
scientific lawis the summary of a natural event
Make predictionsFor a scientific theory to it is in valid, it must allow you to....
scientific modela representaion of a real event or object
Matterhas mass and takes increase space
elementa substance the cannot be damaged down into simpler substances
H2Ohas 2 H atoms and also 1 O atom
chemistrythe science of what matter is made of and how the changes
moleculethe the smallest unit of a substance that behaves favor the substance
Dalton's atomic theoryevery facet is made of atoms the cannot it is in subdivided, atom of the same aspect are alike, and atoms sign up with to type molecules
nucleusmade increase of protons and also neutrons
-1charge of one electron
no electrical chargean atom that has the same variety of protons and electrons
Bohr's modelelectrons behave choose planets orbiting the sun
chemical bondsforce that hold different atoms or ions together
mixturesubstance that retains its own properties
compoundsubstance that always contans the same facets in the same propeortion
solidmolecules have actually the strongest attractions come one another in this state the matter
ionic bondforms in between ions with opposite charges
covalent bondsforms between nonmetal atoms
reactanta substance the undergoes a adjust in a chemical reaction
Atoms are rearrangedthis is what wake up to atom in a chemistry reaction
exothermic reactionenergy form the reactants room transferred come the surroundings
chemical energypresent within atoms and molecules
chemical equationbalanced by transforming or adding subscripts
balanced chemistry equationthe total mass that the products = the full mass that the reactants
heterogeneous mixturea mixture that is uniform throughout
suspensiona mixture that seperates into different layers
distillationcan be offered to separate solutions of miscible liquids if the liquids have actually diff. Boil points
solubilitygrams that solute every 100g that solvent
average speeddistance travel by an item divided by the time
0 km/hrspeed of an object at rest
directiondifference in between speed and velocity
J , N.m , kg.m2/s2units because that work
W=F x dequation because that work
watts, horsepower, na djoules per secondunits because that power
machinecan multiply and adjust the direction of an imput force
scissorsan example of a link machine
leveran example of a straightforward machine
1MA that a solitary fixed pulley
inclined planechanges both the magnitude and also the direction the the force
Universeonly one is well-known to exist
4.3 irradiate years awaythe street of the closestly stars to the earth
shapegalaxies room clasified according to their...
young starsspiral galaxies often appear bluish early to an abundance of these
old starselliptical galaxies often show up reddish because of the diversity of these
spiral galaxyour galaxy is classified as one of these
super clustersclusters of galaxies can type larger teams called
Hubblehe first proposed the the cosmos is expanding
red shiftthis suggests that the unverse is expanding
big bang theorystates the the universe started with an explosion 10 to 20 billion year ago
Starsproduce their own light, radiate warmth energy, and radiate electromagnetic waves
A usual starthe sun
gravitational forcesthese forces hold stars together
Helium atomsIn stars, energy is produced when H atoms incorporate to form these
fusion reactionsenergy is released in stars as a result of these kind of reactions
Nuclear fusiona star is born as soon as this happens in a stars core
supergiat starsthey form supernovas