El burro

Rima de sorteo


A, el burro se va,E, el burro se fue,I, el burro está aquí,O, el burro se ahogó,U, el burro eres tú.

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The Donkey

Counting-out Rhyme


A, The donkey"s going away,E, The donkey did flee, I, The donkey is was standing by,O, The donkey drowned, five no!U, The cheat is you!

A, el burro se va,E, el burro se fue,I, el burro está aquí,O, el burro se ahogó,U, el burro eres tú.

A, The donkey"s going away,E, The cheat did flee, I, The cheat is stand by,O, The donkey drowned, oh no!U, The donkey is you!



We took some liberties v the translation over to preserve the rhyming system of the original. A much more literal translation would certainly be:A, The cheat goes away,E, The donkey is gone, I, The donkey is here,O, The cheat drowned, U, The donkey is you!


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