1) room the travel magnetic poles the reason, why Stonehenge and also Eastern Island Moai-statues space on opposite sides of Earth?

The Stonehenge and also Eastern island is in ~ the opposite side of the Earth, and also there is a strange thing in both places. Stonehenge is a famous rock ring in southerly England and also the east island is well known about the giant stone heads, what could show the water sources in the east island, yet the concern is “why those monuments were sculptured originally?”. What to be their original purpose in among the most isolated areas on Earth?


Image II

Were the stone-heads ~ above the eastern island some type of metering tool, what is telling, how tall the human being must be? but in the case, those statues, what are uncovered from the other islands need to be in the stimulate of length. That’s why those things room a mystery. 

1.2) but are those statues miscellaneous to carry out with the ancient Eugenics?

One the the answers can be that in the island were two clans, which to be degenerated. And when the degeneration that those clans was far enough, those clans placed the currently together. This is the thing, what is called the pure-line eugenics, what purpose would it is in to do the superhumans, and when the creatures were made the mission they would certainly go come walk in the carbon.

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That ritual is typical in Samoa, however in this time, the go on the flaming carbon would certainly be the critical thing, what those aides would face, due to the fact that there to be urea in those carbon bites. Probably that sacrificing suicide routine was created due to the fact that those human being who were offered in that project were not permitted to speak about the thing, what they have seen and also done in the place. And maybe that genetic engineering was ordered by some Inca-ruler or somebody, who is unknown.

2) one of the most incredible theories around Moai-statues and Stonehenge

When you read the next lines don’t it is in angry and too serious. Among the many incredible theories about the objective of those things. And in the next, i will introduce the many interesting and also incredible theory, what is ever introduced around those creatures. Maybe this type of concept is funny or incredible, but I will display that thing to you, and also as you can see, this concept is a little bit also incredible to show even in the SciFi movies. 


Image III

The point is that the form of the X47B Stealth drone is similar to east island, which is just one of the most much less mentioned points in this case. But maybe that thing is just coincidence.

Sometimes is declared that those “Moai”-statues were the place, whereby the chiefs died and their spirit would take trip to the sky. However one that the many interesting and imaginational concept is that those Moai-statues along with Stonehenge would certainly be the diagram of the magneto-dynamic- or radio wave-based spacecraft engine.

In the system, the ions would pull in the tube, and also send it to the back of the spacecraft by making use of the radio-antennas, i m sorry would give the hypothetical system the rate of the light. But as you view the world is full of theories. And also who would have the ability to do that sort of thing as soon as those things were made.

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3) But one more side the the earth is Stonehenge and is the magnetic phibìc pole remained in that ar when it has actually been built

So as soon as we space thinking about the purpose of those rock creatures and also Stonehenge, we might think that point by questioning one straightforward question, execute those rock creatures something to perform with the earth’s magnetic field? and where were the magnetic poles were, once Stonehenge and also Moai-statues the the eastern island were created?

Was the magnetic north-pole in the place of Stonehenge, as soon as it has been created? If we are seeing things like magnetic poles from listed below there would certainly be the ring top top the sky, and also maybe the thing is one of the reasons, why the Stonehenge and also statues that the eastern island are created. But does those creatures have a link with each other, the thing remains a mystery.

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