Before visiting Austin from Houston, girlfriend must understand briefly around both places. Austin is the funding of Texas and is home to the college of Texas flagship campus. Houston is a metropolis in Texas that is majorly recognized for the space Centre Houston and the Houston Zoo. It constantly helps to know how much is Austin from Houston, as human being may desire to visit and explore these places in the two cities. The distance between the two cities have the right to vary based on how you desire to covering it.

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Driving or flying to these urban in the U.S. Are the best choices you have. To recognize the courses by road, flights, and also relevant airports, you can also read this page. We have actually elaborated on these in detail.

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Driving Non-stop native Houston come Austin

Driving non-stop is the quickest way you deserve to use to reach from Houston to Austin via road. The adhering to is the total driving time and distance indigenous Houston come Austin

Nonstop control Distance

165 Miles/266 KM

Nonstop steering Time

2 hrs 04 Minutes

Estimated journey Time in between Houston to Austin

median SpeedTravel Time
30 mph (48 km/h)05 hours 30 minutes
40 mph (64 km/h)04 hours 07 minutes
50 mph (80 km/h)03 hrs 18 minutes
60 mph (97 km/h)02 hours 45 minutes
70 mph (112 km/h)02 hrs 21 minutes
75 mph (120 km/h)02 hrs 12 minutes

To cover the street from Houston come Austin non-stop, there space three paths for Houston to Austin drive. You have the right to look at them below to pick which one appears preferable:

I-10W is the longest route and takes the longest time to with from Houston, TX, to Austin, TX. It needs you to cover 189 mile or 304 kilometers in about 3 hours. You can opt for this path if you great to take a quick detour to Columbus.The other route goes with I-10W and State Hwy 71-W. It takes around 2.3 hrs to covering 165 miles/266 kilometers.The last one is via US-290 W. It likewise takes 2.3 hours to cover 162 miles or 261 kilometers through driving

Road expedition from Houston to Austin

There could be times once you desire to go from Houston come Austin on a roadway trip. The best component about road trips come such cities is the you deserve to cover the distance non-stop or go slow by acquisition breaks.

When you desire to reap the trip via road, protecting against at the finest locations deserve to be a an excellent idea. Specific itineraries have been stated here:

SealyWeimarSmithvilleZilker Park

The adhering to can be your itinerary for your road trip from Houston, TX, to Austin, TX:

Start in Houston and drive for about 50 minutes. You will certainly reach Sealy, where you can take a break of 1 hour.Resume your journey and after 39 minutes, prevent at Weimar. You have the right to rest for about an hour in ~ this place.After this, journey for 49 minutes and also you will certainly reach Smithville. You have the right to rest right here for one hour or so.This part of the drive is comparatively the longest. You must drive because that 54 minute to with Zilker Park. After getting to it, you can rest for one more hour.From Zilker Park, Austin is simply a 5-minute journey away. So, within 5 minutes, friend would have reached your final location following this road trip plan.

Tip: The itinerary mentioned above is simply to present you how many possible stops you deserve to take. However, you can choose to reduced down top top the stops as per your convenience. For example, you deserve to start in Houston and also after 1.3 hours, girlfriend can directly stop in ~ Weimar.

When you room in Austin, you deserve to go the end sightseeing. Over there are numerous places come visit right here such as Texas Capitol, Barton Springs Municipal Pool, McKinney drops State Park, Zilker Park, etc.

Flying Non-stop native Houston to Austin

Nonstop distance in Air

147 Miles/236 KM

Nonstop Time in Air

50 Minutes

If you want to fly non-stop indigenous Houston, TX, come Austin, TX, then there are multiple options easily accessible for you. The aerial street from Houston come Austin is around 147 miles/236 kilometers. This deserve to be extended in nearly 50 minutes by flying using a desired mode.

In commercial flights, joined Airlines and American Airlines room the finest for this route. Girlfriend can get the finest departing flights and the highest options with these airlines. The trip time deserve to remain the same throughout all aerial modes of travel.

Note: In advertising flights and also private jets, friend would have actually to think about the travel time to and also from the airport. In advertising flights, the travel may additional extend as result of security checks and other boarding processes.

Houston come Austin Airports and Flights

Houston plane or George bush Intercontinental airplane (IAH) is often wanted for reaching Austin from Houston. For her return trip to Houston, you deserve to go come the Austin airport or Austin-Bergstrom global Airport (ABIA).

Some airlines have the right to offer connecting flights. This flights can expectancy over 6 hours to virtually 19 hours. However, the bulk of advertising flights indigenous Austin, TX, to Houston, TX, room non-stop and also cover 147 miles/236 kilometers in virtually 50 minutes. The airlines accessible for this course are unified Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, spirit Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Southwest Airlines.

Houston, TX, to Austin, TX: roadway Vs. Waiting Travel

Flying is the quickest form of travel since ages. It requires the least effort as her luggage is taken on by a specialized staff and also you only need to sit and enjoy. Wait travel always comes v a sense of safety due to extremely high defense standards. Also, if you great to deliver something quickly and safely, then the airline will certainly take care of it.

But v positives come the drawbacks too. For short distances, flying have the right to turn the end to be an ordeal. Most of the take trip time would certainly be invested in assorted airport procedures. The is a known reality that the economic situation seating of most commercial flights is cramped, leading to rather uncomfortable waiting travel. The ticket are quite costly during festive days and also there are possibilities of delays, cancellations, and also lost baggage as well. Hence, flying from Houston, TX, come Austin, TX, or evil versa is ideal for those who room willing come spend more and do less effort.

Considering a Houston come Austin drive, the pros have the right to outweigh the cons. You deserve to take as lot baggage as you desire. While air travel is usually non-stop, here, you have the right to take as many breaks together you wish. However, roadway travel is no as secure as air travel. Throughout an emergency, immediate assist won’t constantly be available. Lengthy road trips have the right to turn the end to be boring and exhausting.

If the weather is ideal and also you desire a hassle-free journey, then there is no better option than air travel for you. However, as soon as the flights are constantly obtaining delayed, rescheduled, or canceled early to negative weather, that is advisable to take into consideration traveling via road. Moreover, if you prefer adventures, climate a road trip deserve to be perfect.


We check out how far is Austin native Houston. Through road and air, we assisted you recognize the distance. Additionally, we shared the transport settings available, traveling as a roadway trip, and also a comparison between road and also air travel.

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We hope that you to be able to receive all the information you needed for carrying forward her journey. Once planning her visit, this details will aid you do an ideal choice. You can additionally visit’s website for an ext such reads.