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The drive from Houston to brand-new Orleans walk not have to be a tedious experience. V 350 miles and 5.5 hrs of driving between the 2 cities, you’ll desire to make a road trip out of her drive native Houston to brand-new Orleans. Historic sites and also delicious Cajun cuisine will make this long drive enjoyable, and a perform of interesting pit stops follow me the way. Check out the top destinations, native southeast Texas to southerly Louisiana in this Houston to new Orleans road pilgrimage travel guide.

Houston, Texas

The start of your trip need to be just as memorable as the remainder of it. As such spend part time in Houston before hitting the road. Houston is a substantial city, so over there is plenty to do, see and eat. You might want to take a stroll through exploration Green, capture an Astros game at Minute Maid Park, or explore space Center Houston. As the fourth largest city in the nation, your choices are limitless here.

Battleship Texas State historic Site - La Porte, Texas

Just exterior of Houston is La Porte, Texas, home to Battleship Texas. This historic site is a an excellent rest prevent option. There is no much better way come stretch your legs 보다 by searching the history found at the mountain Jacinto Battleground and the battleship. Battleship Texas actually come to be the very first battleship memorial in the Lone Star State. If you have actually the time, take into consideration attending one educational regimen or tour readily available by Battleship Texas to do the most of your suffer here.

Port Arthur, Texas

After her visit come La Porte, take I-10 to harbor Arthur, i beg your pardon is about an hour and 15 minutes far from La Porte. This Texas town is residence to another battleground site and also a state park. The Sabine happen Battleground State historic Site played vital role in the civil War. Here, you deserve to read about the skirmish the took location in 1863. Other significant stops in port Arthur space the Museum that the Gulf Coast and also Sea pickled in salt State Park.

Beaumont, Texas

After visiting a couple of towns outside of Houston, you’re acquiring close to the Louisiana border. However, don’t drive right right into the state simply yet. Beaumont is a an excellent place to remain for the night or a perfect rest stop alternative if friend feel favor driving into Louisiana instead. In Beaumont, you’ll uncover a pair of interesting attractions worth her time, such together the Spindletop-Gladys City Boomtown Museum, the McFaddin-Ward House, the art Museum of south-east Texas, and the Beaumont botanical Gardens.

Orange, Texas

Your last prevent in Texas will certainly be in Orange, Texas. This tiny Texas town has actually a number of an excellent attractions. Through both indoor and also outdoor attraction options, Orange is suitable stop no issue what the Texas weather decides to do. Thirty minute from Beaumont, Orange is house to the stark Museum that Art, Lutcher Theater, W.H. Distinguishable House, and also the Shangri La Gardens.

Lake Charles will be your an initial stop in Louisiana. You’re in Cajun nation now! Lake Charles is home to a variety of casino resorts, so girlfriend may take into consideration staying in Lake Charles for the night in one of the high-end resorts here, choose L’Auberge Casino will or the golden Nugget. If gambling isn’t her thing, take into consideration visiting the Mardi Gras Museum of royal Calcasieu if you’re in Lake Charles, which is house to the biggest collection of Mardi Gras costumes in the South.

An hour native Lake Charles is Lafayette, Louisiana. Friend will want to arrive right into Lafayette hungry since this Louisiana city is recognized for its incredible food scene. Cajun and Creole restaurants dominate the food step here. For breakfast, dine in in ~ the French push Restaurant. For a an excellent po’boy, think about visiting Old Tyme Grocery. After filling your belly, stroll around Acadian Village, where you deserve to tour timeless Acadian homes and learn about early life in southwest Louisiana.

After her time in Lafayette, you’ll only be an hour far from Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s state capital. One of the bigger urban found between Houston and new Orleans, you’ll desire to take benefit of the height dining, lodging and attraction options offered here. Many tourists come Baton Rouge tour the State Capitol, browser the Shaw center for the Arts, and also stroll with the Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center. The city is house to a number of great Cajun restaurants, however, Bellue’s good Cajun Cuisine never seems to disappoint.

One of the most picturesque historical landmarks in the state, Oak Alley Plantation, is found in Vacherie, Louisiana, which is located between Baton Rouge and new Orleans. This will be your last stop before making the hour drive into brand-new Orleans. The beauty, beauty of this historical site does have an ugly history, as it was a servant plantation. As such take a tour v Oak Alley Plantation to educate you yourself on the ugly fact behind these historical grounds.

The end of your road trip involves close once you reach brand-new Orleans, however that doesn’t average you shouldn’t enjoy all the interesting attractions brand-new Orleans has to offer. The Crescent City is loud, vibrant and also fun. The French quarter is a well-known tourist spot where you have the right to enjoy beignets at Cafe du Monde, hear to jazz music top top Frenchmen Street, and also indulge in a grenade if walking along Bourbon Street. It’s impossible to have a boring time when in new Orleans.

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