Kissing is a very common motive in our dreams. The definition of a kissing dream relies on countless details that you have actually seen in your dream.

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It is feasible to dream that you room kissing her ex, kissing who else’s boyfriend/girfriend, kissing your friend, kissing a stranger, kissing a celebrity, receiving a bloody kiss, etc.

All these are feasible situations that you have the right to see in her dream around kissing and also all these cases will identify the meaning of her dream.

Try to remember as many details as you can, in order to interprete her dream the appropriate way. That is important to psychic the form of a kiss, who kissed girlfriend or who you kissed, and also your feelings throughout the kiss.

Now you will see some of the most usual kissing dreams, your interpretation and meanings.

Dreams around Kissing – Interpretation and Meaning

Kissing your brother/sister. A dream in i beg your pardon you room kissing your brother or sister way that you gain on really well with your brother or sister in genuine life.

Kissing your mother. A dream about kissing a mother has a positive meaning. If you kissed your mommy in a dream, it means that friend will have a most success in a complying with period. Other human being will love you and also respect you. Friend will have actually success at work, however you will certainly be likewise happy in her love life.

Kissing children. If you have actually seen the you kissed kids in your dream, climate it is the prize of happiness in your family members life. If you have actually dreamed of kissing your very own children, this dream represents exactly how much girlfriend love them.

Dreaming that a French kiss. If you space dreaming of a French kiss, this dream indicates that you must be much more passionate and show your emotions to various other people. You should not keep your feeling repressed.


Kissing her emotional partner. If friend dream that you space kissing your present emotional partner, it usually method that you miss romance in your relationship.

Alternatively, this dream to represent your strong emotions and also passion towards your partner.

Kissing her ex. If you room dreaming the you room kissing your ex, it doesn’t necessarily average that you miss out on that person

It have the right to mean the you miss only the emotion that you room being loved by someone. The is possible that you room feeling lonely at the moment and also that girlfriend don’t have anyone by her side.

Also, this dream have the right to mean the you room not solve in your existing relationship, so girlfriend remember previous times when you were happy and also loved.

Kissing who else’s boyfriend/girlfriend. If you dream the you are kissing someone else’s boyfriend/girlfriend, it way that you may be jealous of someone that is happy in love. You may probably be also lonely, therefore you room dreaming of having a partner.

Kissing a friend. A dream in i m sorry you room kissing someone who is your friend in actual life indicates that you merely adore your friend.

Sometimes this dream can likewise mean that you room in love v that friend, however in most cases there is no romantic meaning of this dream.

Kissing a stranger. If you kissed a stranger in your dream, then it method that friend are ready to accept your own caracteristics that have been repressed because that a long time.

Kissing a celebrity. If you have actually dreamed of kissing a celebrity, it means that you want to be successful one day. You are working hard since you desire to accomplish a large success.

Alternatively, a dream around kissing a celebrity can mean that you are obsessed v that celebrity, so he/she even appears in your dreams.

Kissing someone you don’t like. If friend dream that you are kissing who you nothing like, it means that someone desires to have actually an impact on your own opinions and make you carry out what you don’t desire to do. This dream can also mean that someone will betray you an extremely soon, for this reason you will be disappointed in the person.

Kissing an enemy. If you have actually dreamed of kissing an enemy, it method that someone who was her friend will betray friend in close to future.

Kissing a crazy person. If you have dreamed the you kissed a stunner person, then it method that you room making mistake in your waking life.

You have actually do a negative decision that will probably cause many negative things in her life.

Being kissed versus your will. If you have dreamed the someone tried come kiss you versus your will, it method that who is in reality trying to manage your life.

There is a person who wants to do decisions rather of you. You must not permit other civilization force friend to do something you don’t in reality want.

But, this dream can also be interpreted another way. It can mean that you space not all set to expropriate a certain aspect the your own personality.

You space refusing your very own caracteristics and also you are keeping them repressed.

Giving a bloody kiss. If you have such dream, it method that you room a very passionate person who gives yourself fully in a relationship. A dream in i beg your pardon you room receiving a bloody kiss has actually the exact same meaning.

Kissing someone’s lips. If you have actually dreamed the you have kissed who in the lips, then this dream has actually a spirituality meaning.

Actually, it deserve to be a authorize of a spirituality communication in between two persons. As soon as you kiss someone’s lips in a dream, it deserve to mean that you have secured one agreement.

Kissing someone’s hand. If girlfriend kissed someone’s hand in her dream, it method that you respect the person very much.

Also, this dream have the right to be a authorize that you are loyal to the person.

Kissing someone’s leg. A dream in i m sorry you space kissing someone’s leg is a prize of respect to that person, but likewise humility.

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Kissing someone’s cheek. If you view in her dream the you have actually kissed someone’s cheek, it means that you excellent this person. This type of kiss always represents loyalty, friendship and respect.