Nitrogen tribromide shows up as deep red is a chemistry compound having actually the molecular formula NBr3. In pure form, that is really explosive in nature. The is highly unstable and can it is in hydrolyzed in water.

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In this article, we will discuss NBr3 lewis structure, molecule geometry, polarity, shortcut angle, hybridization, etc.

Properties the Nitrogen tribromide

It explodes at -100 °C.It is a very unstable and also explosive chemistry compound.It shows up as a deep-red and also volatile solid.It has actually a molar massive of 253.7 g/mol.
Name that MoleculeNitrogen tribromide
Chemical formulaNBr3
Molecular geometry that NBr3Trigonal pyramid
Electron geometry of NBr3Tetrahedral
Bond angle
Total Valence electron because that NBr326
The formal charge of NBr30

Page Contents present
1 how to draw lewis framework for NBr3
2 follow some steps for drawing the lewis structure of NBr3
3 What are the electron and molecular geometry the NBr3?
4 Hybridization that NBr3
5 The bond edge of NBr3
6 Nitrogen tribromide polarity: is NBr3 polar or nonpolar?
7 Three components that suggest the polarity that NBr3
9 an overview

How to attract lewis structure for NBr3

NBr3 lewis structure contains three N-Br bonds, nitrogen in center position conversely, all 3 bromine atoms space at the terminal position. Over there is only one lone pair current on the central atom in the NBr3 lewis structure.

Each bromine atom in ~ the surrounding position consists of three lone pairs and also is connected to the main atom with a solitary bond.

Let’s see how to draw the lewis structure of NBr3 with a an excellent approach.

Follow some procedures for illustration the lewis framework of NBr3

1. Count full valence electron in NBr3

Valence electrons are usually the electrons discovered in the outermost shell of an atom. To recognize the full valence electron in the NBr3 molecule, we acquire to know the valence electron that an individual atom(nitrogen and bromine).

The nitrogen atom belongs come the 15th or 5A group in the periodic table, therefore, the electrons present in its outer shell room 5 vice versa, the bromine atom is a member the the halogen family and also has 7 electron in its outer shell.

⇒ complete valence electron in Nitrogen = 5

⇒ total valence electron in Bromine = 7

∴ full valence electron available for illustration the NBr3 lewis framework = 5 + 7*3 = 26 electrons  <∴NBr3 includes one nitrogen and also three bromine atoms>


2. Uncover the least electronegative atom and also placed it at center

The atom with much less electronegativity is more prone come share the electrons 보다 the atom with higher electronegativity. The electronegativity that nitrogen and bromine atom is an extremely near to every other, so, the other technique to recognize the main atom the the lewis diagram is through observing the least numerous facet in the compound.

The facet which repeats the very least in the compound have to be the main atom in the lewis diagram. So, in the case of NBr3, the nitrogen atom repeated only one time whereas the bromine atom repeats three times.

Hence, placed the nitrogen atom at main position whereas spread out the three bromine atom approximately it.


3. Affix nitrogen and also bromine atoms v a solitary bond

Here, us will join together every bromine atom come the nitrogen main atom via a solitary bond.


Now we require to know how countless valence electron we supplied in the above structure before moving to the following step. As we see in the over structure, over there is three single bond used and also one single bond consisted of of two valence electrons, hence, (3×2) = 6 valence electron are supplied in the over structure indigenous a full of 26 valence electrons for NBr3 lewis structure.

∴ (26 – 6) = 20 valence electrons

Now we are left with 20 valence electrons more.

4. Inserted remaining valence electrons beginning from external atom first

The outer atom in the NBr3 molecule is bromine that demands 8 electrons to complete its octet and attains stability. Let’s shot to put the continuing to be valence electrons about each bromine atom till they finish their octet.


By placing 6 valence electrons stood for as dots roughly each bromine atom in the over structure, we check out that castle completed your octet comfortably as all 3 bromine atoms have actually 8 electrons(6 electrons represent as dots + 2 electrons in develops of single bond) in the octet shell.

Now, we have only 2 valence electron left together in the above structure, we usage (three solitary bonds that has 6 electrons + 18 electrons together dots)

5. Complete central atom octet and use covalent link if necessary

So, us still have actually 2 valence electrons in ours pocket, and nitrogen as a central atom also needs 8 electrons to finish its octet but it currently sharing 6 electrons through the three solitary bonds connected to the bromine atoms.

Hence, nitrogen demands only 2 electron to finish its complete, therefore, put the 2 continuing to be valence electrons on it.


NBr3 lewis structure

So, in the over structure, every atom(bromine and nitrogen) perfect its octet and also we additionally used every the valence electrons the are available for drawing the lewis framework of NBr3.

The molecular geometry the NBr3 is trigonal pyramidal, and also electron geometry is tetrahedral because the lone pair existing on the main atom creates repulsion between nearby bonded pairs of electrons, together a result, 2 bromine atom in equatorial place pushes much apart offering its molecule geometry very same as a trigonal pyramid.


NBr3 molecular geometry

The share formula for NBr3 is AX3N1. So, follow to the VSEPR chart, if the molecule has the formula the AX3N1  then the molecule form of the molecule is trigonal pyramidal, and also electron geometry is tetrahedral.

Bonded atomsLone pairGeneric formulaHybridizationMolecular geometryElectron geometry
30AX3Sp²Trigonal planarTrigonal planar
21AX2NSp²BentTrigonal planar
12AXN2Sp²LinearTrigonal planar
31AX3N1Sp³Trigonal pyramidTetrahedral
32AX3N2Sp³dT-shapedTrigonal bipyramidal

Hybridization of NBr3

The hybridization of NBr3 deserve to easily uncover out by discovering the steric variety of its central atom.

The steric number is an enhancement of bonded atoms to the central atom and also the visibility of lone pair ~ above that central atom.

∴ Steric variety of NBr3 = (Number that bonded atom attached come nitrogen + Lone pair on nitrogen)

As we see in the lewis framework of NBr3, there are three bromine atom bonded to the nitrogen central atom and also only one lone pair current on the nitrogen central atom.

∴ Steric variety of NBr3 = (3 + 1) = 4

The steric variety of 4 indicates the hybridization state in the NBr3 molecule is Sp3.

The bond angle of NBr3

“The best bond angle because that the Nitrogen tribromide is 109.5° because it has actually a Trigonal pyramidal molecule geometry. Experimentally us would suppose the bond angle to be around Less than 109.5°.”

Three determinants that indicate the polarity the NBr3 

1. Electronegativity: 

Electronegativity way the tendency of one atom come attracting electrons in the direction of itself. If the electronegativity difference in between the atoms is high then the polarity will likewise be higher. Now, look at the electronegativity the nitrogen and also bromine. 

The difference between the electronegativity that nitrogen and also bromine is directly proportional come the Polarity of the NBr3 molecule.

The electronegativity of nitrogen is 3.04 and for bromine, that is 2.96. And also the distinction of electronegativity between nitrogen and also bromine is 0.08 i beg your pardon is really little.

So, the N-Br bond is non-polar because of less electronegativity difference amongst atoms yet the overall molecule is polar as result of the visibility of lone pair on the central atom the the NBr3.

2. Dipole moment

Dipole minute ensures the toughness of polarity between nitrogen and bromine atoms. As greater the dipole minute of the molecule, the an ext is the polar nature of the molecule. 

The dipole minute of NBr3 is an extremely less however still, that is non-zero that causes NBr3 to come to be polar in nature.

In mathematics terms, dipole moment deserve to be to express as-

⇒ Dipole minute formula = fee on the atom * the distance in between them 

∴ D = Q × R

3. Geometrical or molecule shape

The geometrical form is also a big factor to identify is NBr3 polar or non-polar.

As we recognize the molecular shape of NBr3 is trigonal pyramidal i beg your pardon is asymmetric and also when the shape of the molecule is asymmetric or distorted it doesn’t cancel the dipole moment throughout the molecule. Hence cause polar nature of the molecule

All these components are sufficient to know why NBr3 is polar in nature.


How numerous bond pair and also lone pair a main atom has actually in NBr3 lewis structure?

In the NBr3 lewis structure, just one lone pair is existing on the nitrogen main atom whereas 3 bonded pairs space attached come the external atom(bromine).

Why NBr3 molecular geometry is the trigonal pyramid and also its electron geometry is tetrahedral?

Always remember, molecule geometry just considers bond bag of electron to determining the form of any molecule, and electron geometry considers both shortcut pair and also lone pair to determine the geometry of any molecule.

As NBr3 includes one lone pair and also three external inspection pairs. So, follow to the VSEPR chart, the electron geometry the NBr3 is tetrahedral while its molecular geometry is trigonal pyramidal.

Is the lewis framework of NBr3 the same as NF3 and also NCl3?

Yes, the lewis framework of NBr3 is nearly the exact same as NF3 and also NCl3.

NF3 lewis structure has 3 fluorine and also 1 nitrogen atom linked with three single bonds and also NCl3 lewis structure has actually 3 chlorine and 1 nitrogen associated with three solitary bonds also.

In all these molecules(NBr3, NF3, and NCl3), there is one lone pair present on the main atom.

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