What is an example of dramatic irony from action 2 of Romeo and Juliet? Dramatic irony occurs when the an interpretation of the situation is interpreted by the audience but not by the characters in the play.

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One instance of dramatic irony in Romeo and also Juliet is Romeo"s effort to dismiss the peril of his and also Juliet"s relationship: “Alack, over there lies much more peril in thine eye / than twenty of your swords! look at thou but sweet, / and I am proof versus their enmity” (act 2, scene 2). Romeo make the efforts to reassure Juliet by claiming the is invincible to her family"s hostility, yet the audience knows the the young lovers are doomed to die.

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In the paper definition of the prologue offered by the Chorus at the start of wilhelm Shakespeare"s romantic tragedyRomeo and also Juliet, the totality of the pat is an example of dramatic irony in the the audience knows the fate of the characters yet the personalities do not. As...

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In the context of the prologue offered by the Chorus in ~ the beginning of wilhelm Shakespeare"s romantic tragedy Romeo and also Juliet, the whole of the play is an instance of dramatic irony in the the audience knows the fate the the characters yet the personalities do not. Together the play progresses, the personalities live the end their individual and also collective destinies based solely on the information that they have actually at any details moment in the play.

The dramatic irony the Romeo and also Juliet contributes come the disputes in the play and helps to produce humor, dramatic tension, and also suspense, because, even though the audience already knows the outcome of the play, the audience doesn"t know just how each character will certainly react to each instance in the play that will ultimately lead them to the outcome.

Examples that dramatic irony happen within the overall context the Romeo and Juliet as well. In the prologue come act 2, the Chorus tells the audience that although Romeo and also Juliet will certainly encounter difficulties, they"ll get rid of those "extremities."

CHORUS. But passion lends lock power, time means, come meet,Temp"ring extremities with extreme sweet. (Pro. 2, 13-14)

In plot 2, scene 1, ~ above their way home indigenous the Capulets" feast, Mercutio and also Benvolio make jokes around Romeo gift lovesick because that Rosaline. The feeling of the scene is acquired from the reality that Mercutio and Benvolio space unaware that Romeo is no longer lovesick because that Rosaline, yet the audience knows the Romeo has fallen in love through Juliet—and at the very same party the Mercutio and Benvolio simply attended.

In the following scene, Romeo has currently jumped the wall into the Capulets" orchard, and he"s hiding in the trees when Juliet appears at a balcony window. Juliet think she"s alone, unaware the Romeo is just a few feet away from her, when she calls out to him that famous line, "O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore arts thou Romeo?" (2.2.35).

Their ensuing romantic scene with each other is tempered by the audience"s expertise that this conference will lead to their deaths.

After Romeo and also Juliet agree to get married, Romeo hurries to Friar Laurence. In plot 2, step 3, Friar Laurence suggests that Romeo "hast not been in bed to-night" (2.3.43), i m sorry is true, but the Friar assumes that Romeo was with Rosaline. Romeo tells the Friar the he"s now in love with Juliet, which comes as a surprised to the Friar, an especially when Romeo asks the Friar to marry castle that very same day.

Friar Laurence agrees to marry them, believing that “this alliance may so happy prove / to rotate your households’ rancor come pure love" (2.3.94–95). The situational irony for the characters—the Friar"s hope the the marriage of Romeo and also Juliet will end the feud between the households actually results in an escalation of the feud, to the detriment of both families—is dramatic irony for the audience. The audience currently knows that the relationship in between Romeo and also Juliet isn"t walk to finish well.

In plot 2, scene 4, Mercutio and also Benvolio continue to do jokes at Romeo"s expense about his love for "that same hard-hearted wench, / that Rosaline" (2.4.4–5), still unaware that Romeo is no longer lovesick because that her yet is planning come marry Juliet. Mercutio mocks Romeo through a perform of catastrophic heroines from ill-fated love stories, not realizing—although the audience does—that the name of Romeo and also Juliet will soon be included to the list.

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Juliet"s Nurse appears in the scene, and Romeo speak her that he"s arranged for Friar Laurence to marry castle this afternoon, which, together the audience knows, will seal Romeo and Juliet"s fate.