Rockbomb Shards are necessary to make among the much better mid-game weapons in Dragon Quest home builders 2: the Fire Blade. However, detect Rockbomb Shards isn"t together clear reduced as it can seem.

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Near the finish of her time ~ above Khrumbul-Dun, you"ll it is in tasked through finding yellow veins deep in ~ the mines beneath the village. Together you do your way to her objective, you"ll at some point encounter a cure Slime. The Slime will certainly tell you the you deserve to make Boomballs, however it doesn"t phone call you how to carry out so or where you can discover the materials you need.

Luckily, the materials you need are very close by.

Khrumbul-Dun Rockbomb Bed

Warp to the south east Tunnel naviglobe on the reduced level of the mine.

When girlfriend warp in, revolve around and go straight ahead. The wall ahead should be open already if you"ve uncovered the gold Room via the search for it (which is component of the larger "find yellow in Khrumbul-Dun" mission close to the finish of the chapter).

When girlfriend drop down as you"re going toward the gold room, look in ~ the black rocks ~ above the ground. Smash them with your hammer to get shards.


Some are Rockbomb adversaries you"ll need to defeat, some are not. Part rocks give Rockbomb Shards, some simply provide stone. It"s totally random.

If the Rockbomb opponents shake and also start a countdown over their heads, they"re around to punch up. Usage your hammer the damage them faster.

Note the you can additionally get these shards ~ above Iridescent Island. They are largely out in the open out top top the beach and near cliffs.

How to handmade the Fireblade

The Fire Blade is one of the much more powerful swords in the game. It has +74 attack and is magnified with fire magic. It"s a an excellent weapon to give your fighters.

Here are the materials you need to craft it:

X1 stole Broadsword (can"t gain until Moonbrooke)X3 Rockbomb ShardX3 Magic Crystal

How come Craft boom Balls

Boom Balls are great for ruining a big number of block at a single time. Castle can also come in handy when fighting Super-Strong Monsters but to a lesser effect.

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Here room the materials you need to craft them:

X1 Rockbomb Shard1x steel Ingot1x Cord


That"s all you should know around Rockbomb Shards in Dragon Quest contractors 2. Be certain to head over to ourDQB2 guide hub for an ext tips ~ above the game, such as how to find flurry feathers or how to obtain Night Soil.