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a video game by Bandai Namco Games, and Dimps
Platform: playstation 2
Editor Rating: 4/10, based upon 1 evaluation
User Rating: 8.3/10 - 6 votes
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If there is one anime that translates perfectly into a video clip game format, the the Dragonball series. This world is chocked full of interesting assets and landscapes, the characters are interesting and beloved by the fan base. Plus, the combat within the display lends itself to video clip game fighting chaos so seamlessly. So with this in mind, you would certainly think that also the many underwhelming that Dragonball games would tho strike a chord through the fanbase. Well, wait until you evil Dragonball Z: unlimited World and then make your decision.

This game takes mechanics from various other titles in the collection such together Dragon ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi and Dragonball Z: Budokai. Although, it obviously has actually some compatible aspects to fighting games such together Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and also Jump Force. However, does this blend of that is predecessors culminate to do a new and boosted title? Well, we discover out in our testimonial of Dragonball Z: unlimited World.


Familiar however Flawed

The thing that will certainly come together a lull to players that love gamings within the DB collection is the this game maintains several of the usual modes. The player will still be able to enjoy the highlights from the show’s run through a story mode. There is tho an AI and also local multiplayer fighting mode. You will do it have accessibility to training, you’ll have an arcade mode and you’ll have actually your release to conference throughout the run. However, all these modes depend ~ above fun and fluid battle mechanics. Something that this game seems come forget to be essential.

The combat for this video game is just downright dull. You have accessibility to Ki blasts, punches kicks and also a variety of various other powers. However, regardless of this, the combat feel repetitive, without the very same action-packed flair that other games in the series have in abundance. Plus, the scale feels limited compared to various other games. You can not launch right into the air with careless abandon, for example, a clip of the DB fighting game experience.

Artistically Lethargic

Then relocating onto the presentation the the title. In regards to the as whole look, this game looks basic. The animations room poorly rendered. The assets, models and also backdrops all look rough around the edges. Plus, the arenas that the player will fight in space nothing new. Every solitary one is simply a much more underwhelming variation of a past arena. Something that is an ext than enough to leaving a cake taste in fan’s mouths.

The Verdict

Then if we space picking personal the level design, why is there facets of this video game that no centred roughly kicking the life daylights out of other characters. This no Yakuza, there is small to no place for minigames.


However, if you space going to have actually the gumption to encompass such points in a DB game, you should be certain that castle hit all the ideal notes. However, when put under the microscope, these gamings are simply cheap and unnecessary enhancements that just cement this video game as a truly forgettable DB title.

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Overall, Dragonball Z: Infinite people makes interlocutor claims around being the ideal of the Budokai titles. However, in reality, that isn’t even one that the mean DB titles. This video game is simply plain disappointing and also that is reflect in the fan opinions about this game. We evaluate the intention of the title and also the decision to keep the style familiar. However, the is wherein the praise for this video game ends. There space far better options within the illustrious series of DB games to select from. So do yourself a favour and play one of those instead.


Includes the usual game modesPlenty of content to pat through


Lack lustre presentationCombat lacks its usual charmMini-games were a regrettable choice