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Dragon sphere Z: Buu's rage Cheats For video game Boy Advance

Duplicate equipment first, Equip Goku/Goten or Vegeta/Trunks (remove every unneeded equips before) and also do the blend Dance. Together Gogeta/Gotenks, remove the devices from the equipped character. The blend will store the equips but you"ll be able to re-use the equips on an additional character. This will save working untill you operation out of fusion time

Contributed by: BlueEyes15243

255 Senzu bean

During the human being Tournament Saga, as soon as Gohan asks son ogong to obtain a Senzu Bean, paris to Korin"s Tower and get a bean from Yajirobe. Rather of offering it come Gohan, eat it. When you return, Goku will certainly still give a Senzu bean to Gohan even though he does not have any. As soon as you watch in her invintory, you will see that you have 255 senzu beans.

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Contributed by: Legotim

Kai keep

To access a save containing several of the ideal items in the game, visit the Kai"s planet once you to win Buu and work your means to the right-most map and break through the crack in the wall. In below you"ll find an excellent items for levelling up, such together the Kiloton Gloves/Boots, and an excellent armor through super high endurance.

Contributed by: Ketay

move Talking screen

While a conversasion press the l or R button and the talking display screen will walk up and down.

Contributed by: ofirissmart

Train Weak characters

Lure an adversary onto a Save suggest with a solid character. Beat the enemy and kill it. Before you earn any type of experience native the downed enemy, the "Switch Character" food selection will come up. Move to a weak character. The character you switched come will gain the experience.

Contributed by: Yami_Jay

Perfect fusion Dance

While preforming the blend Dance v Either Goku/Vegeta or Goten/Trunks, if you ignore the buttons it tells you to press, and instead push Up, B, Left, Down, A, friend will effectively fuse every time.

Contributed by: GamingGriffin

Hercule Museum Exhibits

When these exhibits space found, take it them come the Hercule coffee shop in Hercule City to view them.

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Unlockable Unlockable run the Orange Star High institution track 3 times about in under 16 seconds. same as Weight collection found behind a tree through blue fruit in east District 439. same as Weight set same as Weight collection After thing 11, win the boss of the gigantic Airship at the height of the large continent. give a Dino Tail come the male in the lighthouse in Thieves" Den. offer the Hercule-Ade to the man in the lighthouse in Thieves" Den. accessible as an item in the presents shop ~ above Papaya Island (25000 Zenny) easily accessible as an item in the presents shop top top Papaya Island (50000) go to West citys Z-Mart as soon as you"ve destroyed Kid Buu, and buy it because that 30000 Zenie. discovered in a chest in the left room of Hercule"s Mansion in Hercule City. offer Turkey to the man in the lighthouse in Thieves" Den. provide Elixer come the man in the lighthouse in Thieves" Den. same as Weight set give Root Beer to the man in the lighthouse in Thieves" Den. uncovered in a chest behind Totenhotep"s chamber. In the Thieves" Den, usage Goku"s instant Transmission an approach to acquire this chest on height of a roof. very same as Weight set provide Super Elixer to the male in the lighthouse in Thieves" Den. After thing 9, go back to the Fukurou Forest and also open the personality gate. Go north and also give a bandana come the Ninja.
Air Hercule Shoes
Boxing Gloves
Championship Belt
Collector"s Plate
Hercule activity Figure
Hercule Cereal
Hercule Collectible map Game
Hercule Comic publication Issue #1
Hercule: The Movie
Hit popular music Single
Key come West City
Moustache Wax
Piiza action Figure
Pirozhki action Figure
Punching Bag
Video Game
Weight Set

Contributed by: ShadowEd567, AmegaiShiryuu

Z battle aircraft Exhibit perform

Everytime you get one that those, they are unlocked for the capsule corp museum, letting you watch a certain item native the DBZ series.

Unlockable Unlockable after killing child Buu, return to the train. On the place where human being usually were, you will find 2 enemies. Defeat them for this box. end up the game and also then talk to Baba, ~ above Yenma"s office. loss Broly in ~ the volcano. speak to a scientist in the left next of the main structure of Capsule Corp. top top Goku"s house, go to the toybox and search it for this item. external of Babidi"s spaceship in the Southwest Forest, go to the height right corner and also use prompt transmission to open the chest. Speak to cool Kai on cool Kai"s planet after you defeat son Buu go to the cavern of the Ancients on cool Kai"s planet after completing the Other people Tournament and also talk come Bubbles. ~ beating thing 11, open up the level 145 door through Goten in Pilaf"s Castle, proceed to whereby the Dragon round was found, and beat the enemies. girlfriend will get the Z-Fighter exhibit Korin"s Cane native Korin himself after you give him red snapper fishes. over there is an invisible chest in prior of four trees on Kami"s Lookout. Check in between the middle two speak to King Ox in Goku"s residence rest the level 140 obstacle with Gohan in the eastern District 439 area and also proceed to the end of the area to uncover the chest. Walk about Yajirobe counter-clockwise three times and also he will drop an object near Babidi"s Spaceship. The is the artifact Yajirobe"s Sword. In Diablo Desert, damage the boulder one area straight south that the save Circle
Android #20"s Hat
Baba"s ball
Broly"s Crown
Ginyu"s Capsule
Gohan"s training sword
Goku"s strength Pole
Grand Kai"s Boombox
King Kai"s Hammer
King Yemma"s Mug
Korin"s Cane
Mr. Popo"s Turban
Ox King"s hat
The Bansho Fan
Yajirobe"s Sword
Yamcha"s Bat

Contributed by: Mykas0, Kidwarrior66, ShadowEd567, DrZaius1, Taziar, Doomhand

Unlock Gogeta Unlockable Unlockable collection all Z Exhibits and all Hercule Exhibits.

Contributed by: AlanEdgeHead

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