Virtual Villagers: new Believers puts friend in regulate of your an extremely own tribe. You and also only you are responsible because that the health and also well being of the members of her tribe!

Choose From lots of distinctive Villagers

At the start of the game, you are provided the opportunity to pick 5 unique villagers to add to your initial tribe. Select carefully because your very first tribe members will certainly be instrumental in creating your tribe in heathen territory and spreading the great news the your belief to the unbelievers.

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Builders, parents, healers, farmers and researchers all have actually their location in the grasp plan, and their special an abilities will assist build bridges in between the two an extremely different peoples.

Gain Godlike powers By dispersing the Faith

As the number of the pendant of your faith increases, so perform your powers and also abilities. These abilities are necessary for help your people to dismantle and destroy the heathen totem poles transparent the area.

Your confidence levels may be strengthened either by converting reasonable heathens or by enhancing the numbers of your very own tribe v the bear of children. One of two people way, the more people who share her beliefs, the much more power you will gain.

Engrossing, Engaging Gameplay

In bespeak to get tasks excellent in this game, girlfriend may straight your tribesmen through dragging and also dropping castle in locations where things should be done. You need to keep the skills and cultivate of each tribe member in mind when directing castle to carry out tasks, since they will refuse or become confused if it's something outside of their ability set.

Heathens through yellow or red masks will interfere v your plans, for this reason remember to keep an eye the end for lock at every times.

Great Graphics and Sound

This game has a visually pleasing graphic layout that is charming and also cute. Each of the villagers has actually their own unique qualities such together hair color, hair style, eye color and clothing, make it easy to differentiate one villager native the other.

The backgrounds room brightly colored and also well detailed and the masks the the heathen tribe space bright and distinctive.

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The sounds and also music right the game nicely and remain pleasant because that the long haul.

Excellent Replay Value amounts to Hours the Fun

This title provides resilient appeal due to the real time pace and also the quantity of trophies and goals obtainable for girlfriend to attain and unlock. Girlfriend will quickly play this title for hours!

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