Dear, Is it in reality legal for me to rip every one of my DVDs and also Blu-Ray discs? many of the write-ups I'm analysis aren't really clear, so I want to know if there's one actual, critical answer. Am i going to gain sued if ns rip every my discs for playback on my computer?


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Sincerely, Rip-It Ralph

Dear Ralph, you ask a variety of different questions at once, so let's rest this down into its most straightforward parts. The legality of take it is a an extremely confusing case where you'll hear a variety of different answers. Here's what you have to know. Keep in mind that we're focusing on US law here; other nations may have different laws, so inspect with a lawyer in your nation for more details if you're no in the US.

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To answer the legality question, we called on our legal expert Derek Bambauer, combine Professor of regulation at the college of Arizona who focuses on net law and also intellectual property. While the legality of take it is really complicated, the legality of ripping copy-protected content—which includes virtually every DVD and also Blu-Ray disc you'd to buy in the store—is a bit simpler:

We've talked about this a bit before—in fact, it's one of the methods most the us space breaking the legislation every day without even knowing it. There space minor exceptions—like because that educational purposes—but in general no, ripping a DVD you own is sadly not legal. However, will certainly you gain caught? Well...there, you have some wiggle room.


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...but you more than likely won't gain caught...

If girlfriend don't an especially care around the legality, however are only worried you're walk to gain sued, climate you have actually a distinct advantage. As long as girlfriend don't share the files, it's highly unlikely you'd ever get captured for this, because it every happens locally on your computer, with no internet link necessary, so no one can "snoop" on what you're doing. Uneven you were to have your hard drives seized by the authorities because that one factor or another, no one will certainly know.

Does that median you must go rip your entire collection to your residence theater PC? together always, that decision is as much as you, whether you desire to always stay top top the best side that the legislation or take the (admittedly) minimal risk.

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...and hopefully, it won't stay this means forever

This is the legislation as the stands appropriate now, but as Derek mentioned, part courts have actually tried to adjust this ar of the DCMA, however we've yet to attain any actual movement. However, take it music CDs supplied to be considered illegal as well, till the RIAA chose to officially allow it (though they've waffled on the statement a little from time to time). The MPAA is notoriously an ext stubborn, but as take it becomes an ext common practice, we're confident that we could see this adjust in the future—or at least see an online store where you might download movies not riddled through DRM. Appropriate now, though, this is just a hope, and also as the stands, take it a DVD you very own is still considered illegal—as tough as it may be come enforce.