Naruto: Every hit In The Chunin test (& their Winner) The Chunin exam arc showcased few of the finest fights in Naruto. Here are all the match-ups & their winners.

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Neji vs Naruto Sasuke Sharingan
The Chunin exam arc in Naruto was the first time the audience obtained to see the remainder of Naruto"s course in activity after Team 7"s time in the soil of Waves. Plot-wise, it was the following step in Naruto"s route to coming to be the Hokage, however in reality, it to be to display the distinctive fighting abilities that the other genin had up your sleeves.

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The an initial two phases that the exam were team-based, yet phase three devolved into one-on-one combats. It"s evident that there is a sinister undertone to the exams, but it"s simple to forget as soon as the ninja start to clash. Each fight gave one or both the the contestants a chance to present what they to be made of, and also introduced the audience come important characters in a fun way. When the exam was interrupted before completion, there were still plenty of fights the were able to display a clean winner.

Sasuke vs Yoroi Chunin Exam
The very first one-on-one battle to take place was Sasuke vs Yoroi. Yoroi was a fairly forgettable ninja that couldn"t stand as much as an Uchiha. His capability was stealing strength with a touch, which provided Sasuke a big issue in ~ the begin of the fight. However, his Sharingan"s capability to find out others" methods was what offered Sasuke the decisive win. He provided an strike that he"d learned from absent Lee before this fight, and also easily put Yoroi down for the count and also removed him as a factor in the rest of the exam.

Zaku vs Shino
This struggle featured another one that Orochimaru"s spies, Zaku. He battled using holes in his arms that might create sound and wind. Regrettably for him, this was additionally the fight wherein the audience learned just exactly how capable and scary Shino could be. Being a member the the Aburame clan, Shino"s body was basically a giant colony for bugs that he could control. He cheat Zaku and also ended up pour it until it is full the feet in his arms through bugs throughout a distraction. Once Zaku tried to use his ability, he finished up severely injuring himself and also ending the hit in a success for Shino.

Kankuro Puppet Tsurugi
Kankuro is the very first fighter indigenous the village Hidden in the Sand, and also goes versus another forgettable ninja native Konoha. He seems to it is in in problem at the beginning of the fight when Tsurugi coils roughly him prefer a snake, however he quickly turns the tables. It"s revealed that he is a puppet master, and also the body that Tsurugi had attacked was actually a puppet. This allowed him to quickly counter and decisively success the match. This is likewise the very first time puppet approaches were introduced, although they would become much an ext important down the road.

10 Sakura Vs Ino: No Winner

Sakura vs Ino Chunin Exams Rivalry
This is the an initial fight of the Chunin Exam wherein both combatants have had actually their backstories and also dreams revealed. The audience wasn"t certain who to source for, but the girl"s previous rivalry brought about an intense fight. Ino appeared to show far better trickery than Sakura did, yet in the end, lock both knocked each various other unconscious and also out of the exam. This helped them to rekindle your friendship and start anew, so it was worth castle both failing the exam.

This to be the 2nd fight where both personalities were important, however it was also one of the many one-sided fights in the whole Chunin Exam. Tenten proved off she massive selection of weapons and the capability to send a flurry that them towards her enemy. Unfortunately, Temari to be the perfect counter versus her. Temari"s huge fan and also control over wind intended that Tenten couldn"t soil so much as a scratch on her. ~ toying through Tenten for a bit, Temari conveniently took the victory.

8 Shikamaru Vs Kin: Shikamaru"s zero Strategy

Kin was another one the Orochimaru"s spies, but unfortunately for her, it was revealed just exactly how intelligent Shikamaru was throughout their fight. She was very proficient with needles and one of the very first people in the present to use a genjutsu versus her opponent by utilizing bells.

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It appeared that Shikamaru would lose this by a substantial margin, yet after noticing a string associated to she by a bell, the was all over. He was able to expand his shadow along the bottom the the subject to catch her and also the fight to be swiftly finished from there. This to be a good showing for Shikamaru and also stopped another one that the spies.

Naruto is portrayed as a little bit of an you are fool throughout the series, yet it"s difficult to deny the he"s extremely intelligent as soon as it pertains to combat. The probably could have simply rained zero clones onto Kiba, but instead, that maneuvered in a method to make Kiba loss himself. He fooled Kiba double by transforming right into his dog, Akamaru. In typical Naruto style, he even farted in Kiba"s challenge which was damaging due come his magnified sense of smell. Naruto to be then maybe to execute his own version that Lee and also Sasuke"s move, i m sorry he labeled the "Uzumaki Barrage." Naruto had to win this because that the plot, however Kiba still placed on a good showing.

6 Hinata Vs Neji: Neji together The better Hyuga

comparable to the Ino and Sakura fight, this two had actually issues prior to the fight even began. They space both in the Hyuga clan, yet Neji is part of the lesser family members within the clan. This causes resentment, and also he bring away it together a personal an obstacle to come to be the finest to prove that isn"t overcame by his blood. While this is a noble endeavor, he goes around it the not correct way. Hinata looks for to prove herself as well, and also the 2 gentle fist users go at each other in an incredible screen of skill. Unfortunately, Neji proves to be too lot for Hinata and also defeats she soundly before being quit by several of the city hall jonin.

This struggle was easily one that the best of the Chunin exams, as it pitted 2 monsters against each other. Lee was easily able to loss Sasuke prior to the fights began, and also Gaara was hyped approximately the suggest that the audience was worried for Lee"s safety. The struggle that followed was intense, and Lee remove his weights was an incredible scene. Despite his speed and also power able to overwhelm Gaara"s defenses, Gaara let loosened and almost killed Lee. Regardless of an incredible performance native Lee, he simply couldn"t stop Gaara in the end.

4 Choji Vs Dosu: Dosu through His Sound Techniques

The last fight that the 2nd phase connected Dosu that was the 3rd and last spy sent out by Orochimaru. The previous 2 had already been eliminated, so it was no surprise once Dosu finished up beating Choji to continue through the Chunin Exam.

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Choji battled valiantly however ended up causing his very own undoing. This fight additionally proved how minimal Choji"s arsenal was at this time, and led to him learning brand-new abilities and forcing himself to become stronger. In spite of moving on past this fight, Dosu became killed through Gaara later on on.

The an initial battle in the final stages that the Chunin exam was likewise one that the best. Naruto to be mad at Neji because that going for this reason hard versus Hinata as soon as he didn"t need to, and also Neji assumed of Naruto as a fail who can never succeed. It was an intense battle with Naruto having actually to attract on the ripe tails chakra to even compete with Neji, yet Naruto ended up to win the battle and also proving Neji wrong. This led Neji under a redeeming course that later turned him right into one of the an ext beloved characters. The best part was the Naruto didn"t win because of the chakra loan, but by outmaneuvering Neji on his own.

2 Temari Vs Shikamaru: Temari after Shikamaru Forfeited

initially Shikamaru was claimed to hit Dosu, but Dosu was killed by Gaara prior to this phase in the exam. The fight in between Temari and Shikamaru was a fight between two grasp strategists, however Shikamaru to be the much better between them. That seemed choose he to be on the protective the entire fight, however it turns out the was simply manipulating Temari right into a position to catch her v his shadow jutsu. Regardless of having her totally at his mercy, he shocked everyone by forfeiting the match. This offered Temari the main win, yet in reality, Shikamaru was the true winner that this battle.

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This ended up being the final fight the the Chunin exams due to Orochimaru springing a trap and also hijacking the exams. Sasuke had been training diligently and also was able to blitz Gaara similar to Lee had done. Gaara couldn"t manage his speed, so enhanced his defenses so that Sasuke couldn"t reach him. Sasuke then broke out his new technique, the Chidori. He was able to pierce v Gaara"s defense and severely damaged him v this technique. Sasuke thoroughly won this fight, and his success only got interrupted by the Sand ninjas and Orochimaru interfering in ~ the critical moment.